The Best Vinyl Matt Paint to Make Your Ceiling and High Walls Charming |

After the construction of the masonry structure next step is to make it liveable and attractive. The Interior and exterior of walls and ceilings are coated with a thin layer of paint. Almost every building in our surroundings is painted in different colours. Paints provide uniqueness and sightly look at the buildings. It is an essential part of the construction of a building and a costly process. But it is required to protect the masonry work from weather conditions like moisture and variable temperature. Paint is a colourful substance that is laid out on the surface which makes a thin decorative and protective layer on drying. There are many types of paints suitable for different kinds of applications. Paints are available in a wide variety of colours. Paints can be categorized based on solvent; they can water-soluble and oil soluble.

The two important aspects of the paint are its colour and composition. The colour is to provide texture to the surroundings and its composition is to handle harsh weather conditions. The protective layer provides a barrier between the surface to which the paint is applied and the surroundings.

What is a Vinyl Matt emulsion paint?

Vinyl Matt is a water-based ceiling and high walls paint that is very easy to apply and provides a flat and non-reflective finish to the surface. This paint selection is ideal for covering any imperfections on the surface. Due to their robust design, they can be used for a long time before requiring any kind of maintenance. The Vinyl word in the name means a certain resin is mixed to achieve good properties. The additional resin gives resistance to damage so it is suitable for application where it can survive stress. These paints are known for the smooth and highest quality finish in the market and are available in every colour variety just like other paints.

Difference between Vinyl Matt and Non-Vinyl Matt paint

Now the basic difference in Vinyl Matt emulsion paint and simple other emulsion paint is the additional resin that is added for further strength and hard-wearing of the paint. This provides additional resistance to the paint against cracks and strengthens the paint for more durability. The non-Vinyl paints are not as tough as Vinyl paints upon applications. Neither type of these paints is necessarily better than the other, they are useful and efficient in their ways. 

Paint selection starts from the basic step of choosing the right colour that will provide a sightly look. Colour selection depends on the type of building and genre of work that will be performed there. After colour selection, the next step is to choose a type of paint depending based on your needs. The colour selection for the interior and exterior parts of the building or wall be different. Because the interior of the building is not in direct contact with surroundings and ambient air instead it is enclosed and protected from the moisture by the ceiling. In the case of exterior surfaces, they are in contact with variable temperature and humidity, and sunshine which is a great challenge for the paint. These parameters can damage the layer of paint and make unsightly spots on the surface. To decorate the interior the Vinyl Matt paint is the right choice because of the following advantages of the Vinyl paint.

Advantages of Vinyl Matt paint

  • Smooth and top-quality finish

After applying the Vinyl matt paint, it gives a durable, tough, smooth, and non-reflective finish to the surface. This non-reflective finish hides the imperfections on the surface and gives a smooth flawless finish.

  • Easy to apply

The Vinyl Matt paint is water-based, dries very quickly after application, and does not have a pungent smell which makes it easier to use. For small areas, you can apply this paint on your own if you have the required equipment. But for large surface areas, it is recommended to hire a professional.

  • Masking the imperfections

Any flaws or imperfections in the surface of the ceiling or wall can be covered with the matt layer of the paint. The paint gives a smooth and non-shiny look on drying which hides the defects. It does not matter what is the condition of the initial surface to which paint is to be applied, the final finish will cover the defects by not illuminating and highlighting them.

  • Washable

This is a very important aspect of the Vinyl Matt paints. If there is any dirt or filth on the wall, you can wash it off without damaging the paint layer or the surface of the wall. The problem with other paints is that while washing the impurities the paint also comes off. To wash the surface wipe with wet cloth gently. After cleaning dry the surface of the paint with a dry cloth to remove any moisture content left on the paint layer.

The Vinyl paints come in different categories besides matt emulsion like Vinyl silk emulsion. Vinyl matt means it is not as shiny as the other categories like gloss and eggshell are. These other paints provide a shiny look that reflects light all around. This reflection of light brightens the defective surface or any other flaw.

When to use Vinyl matt paint

The Vinyl matt paint is categorized as hard-wearing paint, not weather-resistant paint. So, while choosing the application keep this in mind. Matt emulsion paint is suitable for ceiling, walls, brick, hardboard, and cement rendering. This kind of paint is used in the areas where the contact is very low for example ceiling and high walls. The Vinyl matt paint gives a natural feel to space. It has a very impressive drying time; it takes only two hours to touch dry. If you want to add another layer, you can do it after only four hours.

Before the application of the paint to the surface make sure that the surface is moisture free and clean for the proper formation of the paint layer. Otherwise, the paint will not stick to the surface as intended. This matt paint has limited uses this means we cannot use for high moisture surfaces like bathroom and kitchen walls, floors, and exposed masonry. Before selecting the paint, these parameters should be kept in mind. The Vinyl matt paints are not designed for frequent contacting areas like floors and they are also not suitable for exterior surfaces because they do not have resistance against weather conditions. While wiping the impurities off the paint care should be taken otherwise you can damage the layer of the paint which can result in various paint defects. To make sure you buy good quality paint that delivers what it claims use Every paint is available in every colour and you have the liberty to choose whichever one you want.