Paint is a colourful matter that is used to protect the masonry work and to provide it a sightly look. Vinyl matt emulsion paints are the most common paints suitable for your interior. The high opaqueness and unique design give a top-quality smooth finish. This quality makes them the best choice to disguise the rea from imperfections and defects present on the surface. 

When the paint is vinyl it means a resin is added to the paint. The vinyl part of the vinyl emulsion paint is due to the addition of this extra resin. Also, in acrylic paint, a resin is added to give the paint some qualities. Both vinyl and non-vinyl paints are available in a variety of colours. The resin gives more resistance to damage and makes the vinyl paint hard-wearing.

Vinyl emulsion paint is available in different colours and surface finishes. The resin added to the paint gives it sheen to illuminate the surface such finish is a gloss finish. This sheen can be not required in some applications, for such applications vinyl, matt emulsion is the right choice. The extra shine on the paint layer gives the wall a reflective look on the other hand the matt paint gives a surface finish that does not reflect the light and the surface is not illuminated. The percentage of pigment to binder will indicate the amount of sheen the finish has. This results in the disguise of defects and imperfections present on the surface.

Properties of vinyl matt paint

  • Good quality resin

The qualities of the paint depend on the quality of the resin added. If the resin is of good quality the paint will have good abilities. The resin added determines the toughness, finish quality, and long-lasting of the paint. This kind of resin material is also added to acrylic paints to give them extra resistance against weather conditions. The resin should give long life qualities to the paint and increase the service life of the paint. 

  • Hides the defects

The sole purpose of the vinyl matt emulsion paint is to hide the defects and imperfections present in the surface by not reflecting light over them. The matt finished is preferred over other finishes just because of this property. Other finishes reflect the light all around which illuminates the defective surface and makes it prominent. 

  • Washable

Washing the matt paint is not as easy and efficient as other sheen finishes. The matt finish of the paint absorbs the dirt and makes it difficult to clean. Its rough surface holds the dirt and make it hard to clean. If you wash the paint there should not be any trails behind. It is hard to find a washable matt paint, to get washable paint you will have to choose other than matt finish like gloss, semi-gloss or eggshell finish.

  • Water-based

The paint should be water-based. But if the oil-based version is better in characteristics prefer that one. Otherwise, water-based paints are easy to handle and apply. The biggest advantage of the water-based paint is that the equipment used in the painting process can be cleaned easily with water no cleaning agent is required to remove the paint from hands, brushes, and rollers. The water-based paints dry in a very short amount of time as compared to oil-based paints.

Colour selection for the interior of the house is also an important thing. Colour contributes to the first impression if you are observing it from a selling point of view. To get the right colour and texture is important because a lack of colour texture can make a home a little lifeless. The colour selection depends on your decision. It is on you that you like bright or dark colours. It is recommended that you should visit some already painted place to get the idea. Then you can choose the paint that will match your fantasy and will look good. New studies found that the colour of your surrounding also contributes to your mood. The shade of the colour could be different under different lights so keep in mind the light colour while selecting the paint colour. Before selecting a colour, you have to perform some small-scale tests and assessments. This is in case the colour would look different on a wall as compared to it looks on the box or your mind. 

Surface selection and its preparation is important before application if the paint. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned, any kind of filth should be removed. This is important for the paint to stick properly to the surface. If there is any impurity on the surface the paint will stick to that instead of the wall surface that can result in blistering. The vinyl matt emulsion paints are not designed for exterior use. they do not have strong resistance against weather conditions so they should not be used outdoors. Surface selection is also important for the application of vinyl matt paint. Some surfaces should be avoided like high moisture walls etc. following surfaces should be avoided with vinyl matt paints.

  1. Floors and low walls
  2. Exposed masonry
  3. Low industrial surfaces
  4. Sealant particularly acrylic sealant
  5. High moisture areas like bathroom and kitchen 

Water-based paint usually dries with the natural phenomenon of evaporation. While the drying agent is added in the oil-based paint. Oil-based paints are typically more durable than those of water-based paints but new water-based paints are improved. Another advantage the water-based paints have on oil-based paints is that no cleaning agent is required. Normal paint does not need thinning, they are ready to be used most of the time. Thinning is required when a first layer is required to seal the surface. While thinning a paint only use recommended thinners and follow the instructions. For best results follow the instructions or hire a professional.

Other basic properties that paint should have are it should be easily available at low cost, it should dry very fast, it should not have any odour and its colour should be long-lasting. Before buying paint, another thing should be kept in mind that buy enough amount of paint that will cover your need. In case of shortage, you may not be able to find the same shade of the colour again. This can save you a lot of trouble. 

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