If you are looking to renovate your matrimonial room, painting can be an excellent alternative. What colours to choose according to the wave and the style you want to give it.

The double bedroom is one of the areas of the house in which we do not usually spend a lot of time. However, its decoration is just as important as in the rest of the house. It is the place where we relax, rest and share time as a couple, and where we sleep and recharge after long hours of obligations. It is an intimidating space and, therefore, we need it to be harmonious and decorated to our liking. If you are thinking about paint and colours for double bedrooms, prepare a pencil and paper and keep these ideas in mind.

First things first: about taste, there is nothing written. There are no strict rules or mandates that determine the colours to choose to paint and decorate the couple's bedroom. There are endless styles and options. The main thing: find the one that suits the taste of each couple. It's the starting point: find a decorating style that represents both of you, with which you feel comfortable, at ease and relax. Negotiating is key.

When defining, although there are no, as we said, strict rules, you can take into account some tips that come in handy to choose the colours for the double bedroom.

  • Choose different ranges of a neutral tonality.Enhance it with other tones that are harmonic.
  • White illuminates a lot, creates a feeling of peace and serenity and gives a lot of space. For those who tire quickly, you can add some toner to the white to give it depth.
  • Neutral tones are ideal for walls and furniture because they are the ones that will change the least over time.
  • Take advantage of textiles and decorative objects to incorporate colour and joy.

Bedroom Decoration: Your Colour, Your Style

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The options are endless, but we can start by considering the latest international trends in bedroom design and decoration. And, with that information in mind, adjust the choice according to the style of our matrimonial room.

♦ Light and grey

If we combine them with some touches of black, it is an ideal mix for modern environments. If we dare, black can also be applied to details on the walls or furniture. In this case, white is an excellent ally for curtains and bedding. Greys are elegant, understated, trendy, and look good in almost any setting. To avoid a monotonous space, contrast them with objects in bright, bright tones. Beige is a classic that, along with browns and whites, never goes out of style.

♦ Brown

 Chocolate is sophisticated; it brings warmth and elegance. Paired with white, it is infallible. For a more glamorous result, it can be paired with a ceiling chandelier, a patterned rug, and immaculate bedding (white, of course).

♦ Greens

Dry greens are perfect for double bedrooms. They provide serenity, elegance and an air of nature that helps to achieve calm and relaxation. It combines perfectly with shades of sand, wood and off-white.

♦ Blue

Although they are cold, they provide an exciting and attractive quota of privacy. Blue has the quality of being relaxing, as well as sophisticated and elegant, making it perfect for stimulating a good rest. There are a huge number of shades, which can be combined in the different elements that are in the room. Another option is to paint just one or two walls blue, to add personality and style. If it is a small space, it is recommended that the furniture and bedding are light, to add luminosity.

If you are interested in Feng Shui, it can be a great resource to help you choose and define the colours for the marriage space. For this discipline, the room is a very important space in the house, where we will rest body, mind and spirit. Colours have a huge influence on our mood and can affect it positively or negatively. Our choice is going to have an impact on the flow of energy that circulates in the room.

♦ Yellows and oranges

 Earth tones have a direct relationship with stability, with the soil that sustains us and the fertility that provides strength and security. They are colours to root and attract the force of the earth.

♦ Violets

In their different ranges, they provide fire and protection and are related to abundance and wealth, both material and spiritual.

♦ Greens and blues 

Related to healing and protection. They have a therapeutic and relaxing effect. It is the right colour combination for double bedrooms.

♦ Reds and pinks

 Reds attract fortune and function as protectors against negative energies. Pinks represent feminine energy, friendship, and love.

♦ Blacks and greys

 For Feng Shui, black represents wisdom and greys, amplified knowledge.

♦ Whites

 Whites have to do with clarity, purity, openness. They symbolize, at the same time, emptiness and space.

Decorating Matrimonial Rooms: Tips

There are other elements to consider before defining the colours of the walls. It is vital to take the measurements into account and determine what style of decoration you want: Nordic, minimalist, vintage, modern, industrial, shabby chic.

Keep in mind that the colour you choose will influence the perception of the size of the room. The same will happen with the light that enters the bedroom: if it is dark, keep in mind that light tones reflect the light and spread it.

Another exciting resource proposed by Feng Shui to add luminosity are mirrored (you can see: Decoration with mirrors: an original and fashionable trend ). Combined with good lighting, they create a warm atmosphere and a very pleasant emotionality.