The lobby is your visitor card, and the first thing visitors notice when they enter your home. Choosing the right colour for the hall or a hallway is not always easy. Check out our tips for finding the right paint for a hall or hallway!

If the entrance hall is only used as a passage area for putting on your coat or shoes, it can be painted in bright colours to boost energy. Choose colours that create a pleasant atmosphere in the lobby and are welcoming. Finally, when choosing colours, also take into account the size and length of the hall.

Avoid painting the front door in a different colour than the lobby, unless you want to draw attention to it. 

Painting a dark hallway

If your hallway is small and dark and has little natural light, it's best to choose colours that make the space bigger. Use darker paint for the back wall to make space appear smaller and wider. Your hallway will look more significant if you then paint the entire length of the wall in another colour.

If your hallway is narrow and high, it is better to paint the higher walls a lighter colour than the lower walls. You can hide the doors by painting them the same colour as the hallway walls.

Painting the stairs

The staircase is often a central element in the hall. With the right paint, you can choose to make this element stand out or, on the contrary, conceal it. If you paint your staircase and walls in a light colour, your staircase will remain inconspicuous. On the contrary, painting the stairs and stairwell in dark or bright colours will draw attention to this hall space. If you want your staircase to be visible, the latter solution is preferred.


Painting an open hallway

If you have an open entrance hall or hallway, consider the colours of other rooms in the house. In this case, the painting should be in the same tones or the same style, to create a harmonious whole. Need help finding the right paint for your hallway?