Transform your Bathroom on a Budget |

You aren’t as happy about your bathroom’s look? Thinking of making it look different and unique? Let’s find out an easy way to transform your bathroom the way you want it to be.

Vanity covers a large area in your bathroom and retouching it would definitely change the look of your bathroom. The color you choose for your bathroom vanity does not needs very much matching and contrasting. As long as its not a very brave color, everything’s fine.

You don’t need to hire a painter for your bathroom cabinets. Start off with using a sandpaper to remove the previous color. Wipe down the dust with a wet cloth and you’re done with the first step. While painting furniture, you’ve got to avoid the brush strokes. A microfiber roller would be best for painting furniture. The choice of paint is also something that matters. For smaller spaces/crevices, an angled brush was used which ensures that you don’t put too much paint on the surface. 

Some bathrooms work pretty good with light colors, however, dark colors are more suitable for bathrooms as lighter colors might get stained. 

The backsplash is something that you can get extra creative with. Using a sponge to make brick patterns on the backsplash would not be so bad. 

Keeping your bathroom clean and dry also keeps it in a good condition. You can add a pot of artificial plant on your vanity and maybe add some lighting on the walls. This will add up to the ambience of the place. 

Since you’re not spending a lot of time in bathroom, attention to detail isn’t that much important. Nevertheless don’t settle for less. Use good quality paint that is resistant to water and is damp proof. If your bathroom paint allowed any kind of water in the walls or vanity, it’s going to great a huge mess in the form of mold and paint peeling off. 

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