Transform Your Walls: 7 Ways To Transform Boring Walls |

Are you bored of the dull look of your room’s walls? Want to spice things up? Let’s find out how you can change your boring walls without spending too much on them. 

  •  You might not have heard of this one before but it is an extremely fantastic way to make your walls look different. Old windows can be used to make a gallery wall that look really amazing and different. All you’ve got to do is go to the store room and find some old windows that were replaced during your last renovation. Paint and mold them a little bit and put them on your wall in a pattern. It surely would look amazing. Add some flowers as an add-on. 
  • The thrift stores have always something that you can turn into a decoration piece. A set of plates, an old vase, and what not. Thrift stores often have these plates and platters being sold for a couple of bucks. They add up to the beauty of your walls if hanged in a pattern. 
  • Block art is a different yet a fantastic technique to fill up your walls with something meaningful. All you’ve got to do is finalize a photo, get it printed in block form and put it onto your wall. It’s best for living rooms and kids room. 
  •  Decorating a corner can attract eyes if its done properly. It also compensates for the boring walls that do not create the vibe you’re looking for. Find motivational quote frames or whatever you like and fit them in the corner artistically. Use some lights and you’re good to go.
  • You must have used painter’s tape once or twice in your life. Have you ever used it to make geometrical shapes on your walls? It really looks dope. Just find the perfect color scheme and do your job neatly. In return, you’ll get a wall that’s more lively, looks good, and adds up to the beauty of your room.
  • Words always inspire people and if they’re put together beautifully, their effect multiplies. Bring out your artistic skills and use cardboard to make letters for the quote that you want to write on your wall. Paint it according to the ambience of the room and see how it adds up to the vibe of your place.
  • Vinyl and Wall murals are always a good idea if you find the right ones. Do plenty of research. Include your interior’s color palette in the research and then finalize a vinyl or mural for your walls. It definitely brings the best out of your room.

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