Types of Paint Finish: Choose the right paint finish | PaintOutlet.co.uk

Finalizing a colour palette for your interiors is a heck of a job. However, it's not all that you need to do before starting to paint. You still have to decide which type of paint finish will suit you the most. 

Paint finishes are mostly are categorized by how reflective they are. There are five types of paint finish, and all of them are suited for a different kind of environment.  

Flat matt:

Flat matt is the least reflective paint finish which is good at covering imperfections in the wall such as nail holes and small bumps. However, it is the least durable paint which will come off if treated with a cleaner. That's the reasons they're used in low traffic rooms such as dining room or drawing rooms. They're also used on ceilings.


Eggshell finishes are a little shinier than the flat matt type. They have an eggshell finish which is a little more lustrous than flat matt. It is not as polished as a glossy finish and is a little more durable than flat matt paints. Eggshell paint will also cover imperfections like a flat matt finish. 


One of the most preferred paint finish is satin due to its durability and quality. It has a silky finish which is also easier to clean (as compared to eggshell and flat matt) which makes it a right choice for high traffic areas such as kitchen, playrooms, and living rooms. 


Semi-gloss paints have a Lustrous and brilliant finish which makes imperfections more visible than other flat finishes. Semi-gloss paints are durable and mildew resistant. Being resistant to moisture makes them suitable for high traffic areas, i.e. kitchen, bathroom, and living rooms.

High Gloss:

High gloss paints are the top-notch paint finishes among these 5. They are highly durable and can be easily cleaned with a wet wipe. High Gloss finishes are the shiniest finish which can be used on trims, doors, cabinets, and even on exterior walls. High gloss paint needs perfection and attention to detail because it will leave marks on the wall if painted without precision. 

There are some things that you need to consider while deciding the paint finish for your room. 


Traffic here means the number of people visiting the room. If a room has a high number of people going in and out, it means it is more prone to damage. Busy rooms need to be coated with durable finishes like satin or semi-gloss. Rooms with less traffic can be painted with flat matt or eggshell finish. 


Different categories of paint reflect the additional amount of light. It is up to you what kind of environment you are willing to create inside your room, a bright room with lots of light or a dim one. 


Shinier the surface, more will the imperfections be visible. Just one single thing that can change your room' appearance to a great extent. Make wise decisions and select the one that best for you.