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People be focusing on interior designing so much that they neglect the wonders that paint can do. Yes paint alone can do great things. All you need to do is have the right strategy, some free time, and a bucket of paint.

  1. Painting your staircase intelligently would change the aura of your house. Staircases don’t go unnoticed. If you come up with an eye catching color scheme for your stair case, you’ll definitely see an amazing transformation of your indoor space. Contrasting light and dark colors is a cliché approach but it never fails to impress.
  2. Living room is of immense importance in every house. You don’t need to choose neutral colors for your living room. Go for bright white color and let the sunshine bless it even more. Don’t stuff your living room with all kinds of decoration pieces and arts. Let it be spacious so you can feel at peace when chilling around with your family.
  3. The color scheme in playroom contributes a lot to making it look neat. Neat white color with a contrasting dark color is still one of the most appealing color schemes. It won’t look messy with a contrasting and neat color scheme for the walls.
  4. Accent walls can be your next DIY project that will transform your living space. There’s a video on accent walls on our channel. I’ll attach its link in description.

Interior designing gets pretty expensive at times. Most of the people think it’s a hard task to transform their living space and hence they keep on delaying it. You don’t need to invest a lot of time and money. Just be willing to do it and our channel has a lot of content for your help. 

Painting is a mixture of art, creativity, and innovation. Be natural and follow the steps to create something that’s totally new. 

Keep Painting!

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