Are you longing for the delicious heat and pleasures of summer when the first beautiful days return? Then these trends are for you because interiors expressing the nonchalance of exotic countries are very much in tune with the times!

Latin American influences

Latin American culture and its countless traditions are very much in vogue. Authentic culinary cultures conquer the hearts of the greatest Western chefs. As for today's interior designers, they will draw their inspiration from countries like Mexico or Bolivia. They work more and more with bright colours, old objects, terracotta and textiles are woven traditionally. The living room turns into a journey of discovery through histories and cultures or echoes your journeys. Not to mention that, nowadays, opting for the exotic is incredibly trendy.

5 tips for combining natural and warm colours in the living room

  1. A mixture of warm colours and natural materials. 

Bring warmth to your home with this weaving of threads and rattan. Pairing it with a dark orange or earthy hues like Crafted Orange or Holy Terra, you'll bathe the space in a cosy halo. By adding a little touch of bright orange, like Red Eye, natural materials like a cactus or other green plants, you will give the whole a little touch of instant happiness!

  1. A balanced palette of shades

Opting for two main colours is a very practical tip for achieving a balanced colour palette. And by playing with the different shades of each colour, you will get a nicely harmonious shade scale. To give the whole a little more peace, you just need to insert a few more neutral and lighter tones.

Warm colours get stronger if you contrast them with cool colours. You can correctly apply the same technique to emphasize accessories. This wall and cabinet have both been given a little sprucing up using the same paint, Moody Green. The combination with the brightly coloured ceramic gives a simply fantastic result!

  1. Deep and warm colours

The depth of a dark orange colour like Red Residence exudes cosy comfort. Ideal for a lounge area! And a few touches of eggplant or avocado appearing on artisanal ceramics or dressing a small piece of furniture will strengthen the picture. Be sure to create a hint of lightness, however, with natural, airy materials such as wood or rattan. Or with vaporous fabrics.

  1. Bring texture to your home

Do you find monochrome or neutral colours too dull? Then you will love the textures! With a decorative textured paint, you will give every wall a little something extra. A technique, like Claystuc, for example, will give your wall a warmth inspired by the earth.

Are you a fan of Claystuc? This technique requires the expertise of a specialist. It is applied using a stucco plaster and requires the skill of a real pro. Find a painter who will do the job for you.

If you prefer to apply a painting technique yourself, Limestone is a good alternative.

  1. Or opt for neutral and soft colours

Do you still prefer to stick to neutral, smooth colours? Such a colour like Soft Skin can work wonders! Thanks to its natural touch of soft pink, this fairly neutral background shade give a very surprisingly cozy air.

Discover other colours?

Play around with the complementary Crafted Red, Crafted Orange and Crafted Pink shades. And top it off with the clay-inspired Holy Terra shade for a downright fantastic palette! 

images credit: (saltandblues.com)

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