Types of testing - Why does PaintOutlet invest heavily in testing its Products?

December 10, 2021
Types of testing - Why does PaintOutlet invest heavily in testing its Products? - PaintOutlet.co.uk
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Client satisfaction and pleasure are extremely important to Paintoutlet. To ensure that our goods are efficient and productive, we conduct many tests on them to ensure that you get the results you anticipate. To assure efficient results, we conduct at least 20 tests on each of our paint products.

We give these items to government and independent testing bodies so that they can confidently analyze the paints on their own. As a result, cracks, peeling paint, discoloration, mould growth, bacterial contamination, condensation, rising and penetrating damp, and decreased thermal insulation insulation may occur in your structures, residential apartments, warehouses, and commercial buildings. As a result, we examine each of these areas to verify that our goods perform properly.

To guarantee that you have a fantastic experience with our paints, we put them through a series of tests, including ease of application, adherence to various substrates, drying time, brush markings, and cleaning ability. These tests assure that the paints will operate on any surface and under any condition.

Then there are tests for ageing, scrub resistance, mould growth, damp and condensation control, weather resistance, and crack bridging to ensure protection against many detrimental impacts such as the external harsh environment, the internal unhealthy environment, moisture and water. We conclude from these testing that our products are capable of rigorously addressing these concerns.

To confirm the end results we do more tests of water thinning, brush and roller application, and recoat speed. These tests demand our huge investment and we do all this for your satisfaction and happiness.

Then, remarkably, we perform another 20 tests for unusual circumstances. Because a paint may be subjected to several adverse situations at the same time, testing such conditions provides data that can be used to analyze and enhance paint quality.

Our paints survive any harsh condition thanks to such rigorous and precisely created tests, ensuring the safety of our clients and their possessions


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