Customers Can’t Choose Colours

May 01, 2024
Customers Can’t Choose Colours -
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What to do when your Customer can’t Choose Colours

Assisting customers in choosing the perfect colour for their painting project can be a tricky task, even for expert Tradesmen. Many customers find it challenging to select the right colour, which can lead to delays in starting the project or hesitation about moving forward. However, there are ways to help your customers feel confident in their decision and speed up the decision-making process.

One of the primary factors to consider when dealing with a customer is your perspective. It is essential to acknowledge that not everyone has an inherent sense of an eye for colour. Therefore, it is imperative to provide additional assistance when required to help the customer feel more confident in their ability to make decisions. 

One of the first things to keep in mind when approached by a customer is your perspective. In this case it's important to know that not everyone has an innate sense or eye for colour. Thus, it's crucial to offer extra guidance when necessary to help the customer as much as possible build confidence in their vision to make choices. You can recommend using colour visualisation tools available online, allowing your customers to see how different colours will look in their space before purchasing any paint.

If you really find it difficult or it frustrates you when this happens , You may suggest utilising colour visualisation tools available online, enabling your customers to visualise how different colours would appear in their space before purchasing any paint. If you find it challenging or frustrating, take 5-10 minutes to create a list of all the ways you can assist the customer in making a colour choice, then take a look at your list whenever you're in a situation.

Here are the most easy-going strategies you can offer to your customers to help form their idea and reach their vision:

  • Discuss colour palettes that match their existing furnishings or decor
  • Offer samples of different shades and finishes
  • Explain how to coordinate colours for a cohesive look
  • Create a custom colour blend
  • Share examples of colour schemes that match their preferences
  • Educate them about how lighting and other factors can impact colour perception
  • Create your own colour consultation service using the tips below

Pinterest is a fantastic resource to consider. It provides inspiration and real-life examples of different paint colours in action. You can create a dedicated Pinterest board for each customer and collaborate with them to discover and share ideas and inspiration that align with their preferences and style.

Another important aspect is educating your customers on how colours can affect the mood and atmosphere of a space. Redirecting them to websites such as Houzz can help in this regard. Houzz is a valuable resource for design-related decisions, including how different colours can impact the overall feel of a room.

Using your portfolio is the most effective method to inspire your customers. Your portfolio showcases your real past work and can provide your customers with an idea of what to expect from your services and more confidence in you. By displaying different colour combinations and how they work in real-life spaces, you can help your customers visualise their ideal colour scheme and what you can deliver.

For customers who prefer more traditional methods, suggesting magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, Interior Design, Architectural Digest, and Elle Décor can be a great resource. These publications contain plenty of inspiration and ideas for different colour combinations and styles.


Assisting customers in selecting the ideal colour can be difficult. However, having a variety of strategies at your disposal can simplify the process. By keeping different techniques in mind to handle various situations in your work-life, you'll be better equipped to overcome different scenarios and issues with clients, especially when it comes to colour selection. This can help customers feel more self-assured and lead to a successful painting project.

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