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Inevitably, when the weather warms we turn our attention to the outside of our homes, sprucing up the yard and porches and generally looking for ways to turn up the curb appeal. One of the biggest exterior changes you can make for the most impact is painting your home. 

To help you choose the right palette, we made this special research for you from the

How important is it to get exterior paint colors right?

It’s pretty important. It’s much more of an effort, especially if it’s a multistory house, to repaint it.

So when it comes to painting the exterior of a home, how many colors are we talking about?

People tend to overdo it when it comes to exterior colors.

It’s always the best to limit the palette to two to three colors. And if you’ve got brick or stone or some kind of fixed element that’s not going to be painted, then that counts as a color, especially if it’s a colorful brick or stone. In that case, I would recommend using just two colors. 

It is very common for us to see a white roof in the home, but this necessarily has to be the case. Although painting in light tones and colours has a sense, since it gives light, a feeling of spaciousness, altitude and cleanliness, a touch of colour to the ceiling of our rooms can generate a feeling of total renovation, if we take into account some issues to select the colour and the effect and feeling that each one of them generates. Therefore, here we help you to choose the colours to decorate the ceiling, visit for more information!

You should also consider the colour of the walls, it is important that you never forget that the colour combination has some rules. Always use a colour that contrasts with the colour of the walls and that is darker if the idea is to have the ceiling look closer to our heads.

Which colour to choose?

Colours by themselves also generate sensations in the environment. If you use blue, violet and magenta colours or even grey, that space will tend to get colder, on the contrary warm colours give joy and life like yellow, red or orange.

A yellow colour is recommended in the kitchen, as it brings life to the home, or even one in a stronger tone such as purple, as kitchens are usually long. This will give more length to it.

Remember that it should not only be a solid colour, you can generate patterns or blocks of colours. I recommend you to see some tips to paint colored ceilings in the right way. 

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