There's no denying that matt coatings are in vogue around the world and are finding their way into all our lives - from the cars we drive to the clothes and make-up we wear, to the way we design our homes. Matt coatings can add understated elegance and modernity to any room.


Here are a few things you would love to know from our team at to incorporate the new matt trend!




You may ask yourself… Where to paint with matt paint?


Recently, matt surfaces have been used on walls, furniture, furnishings, and ceramics throughout the home, often in combination with metallic and high gloss glazes to create a striking gloss contrast; while the flat surface of matt can be used to hide imperfections in older walls, and painters like to use it in new homes where it better conceals plaster joints on previously unpainted walls.




Now you've decided to give your home a whole new style, choose your matte color!


For the first time, you'll have the opportunity to choose among a big variety of colors; you can try asking at for our HQC Vinyl Matt Emulsion Paint.


It's time for preparing and painting with matt! 


Matt is more forgiving of surface imperfections, but preparation is still critical - always choose the right fillers - wash, sand, dust, clean up, and go. 


Refresh with matt…

Matt is particularly suitable for touch-ups and repainting, as it is more forgiving when applied to existing paint, newly patched areas, and surfaces of different materials, which can be highlighted by a uniform gloss.


Cleaning of matt walls? YES!

It's always best to dab the stains with warm water and a soapy detergent, but Twith, our high-quality paints, now makes it possible to scrub even the most stubborn stains without adding gloss to the beautiful matt surface.


And finally, one final thing to keep in mind for a matt finish…


Matt surfaces absorb light instead of reflecting it. So be careful so that small rooms can feel even smaller! The soft, rich look of matt lacquer is perfect for plush living rooms and dreamy bedrooms, highlighted by artwork or wall decorations with polished or metallic features that really stand out against a matt background.




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