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There are several types of washable paints, but they all have the facility to remove stains while maintaining their original appearance. In addition, they dry quickly and are non-toxic. They belong to the group of waterproof paints, which allows them to be kept clean for a long time without deteriorating. 

Dare to light walls, even if there are children or pets in the house. Trade paint is ideal to give colour to the children's rooms or to that corner of the dining room where you feed the baby who learned to take the spoon.

There are many walls in the house that are at constant risk of becoming easily soiled, such as the kitchen, hallways, or bathrooms. The best solution for these walls is trade paint. Because you can remove all the splashes with a sponge, that way, everything will look impeccable.

The water-based ones are formulated with an emulsion base of 100 percent acrylic, and the oil-based ones are formulated with synthetic chemical resins (Sinteplast).

Meanwhile, the oil paints are formulated based on synthetic chemical resins and should be diluted in solvents such as turpentine. They have greater resistance than other paints and are notable for being washable.

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 Application and durability are other aspects to consider. The drying process of water-based products is faster than that of synthetic ones, reducing the final painting process time. "In addition, they have wide compatibility with any type of the previous film and greater resistance to ultraviolet rays," says Garcia and adds: "Another advantage of water-based paints is the ease of re-painting, its elasticity and its greater retention of shine over time.

You can find some Trade Insulating Handrail & Metal paint, a quick-air-drying, semi-gloss paint that makes handrails and metal surfaces warm to the touch. It also reduces handrails becoming slippery due to precipitation and condensation.

Actually, it's ideal for use on surfaces such as handrails, metal gates, fences, metal railings, scaffolding tubes, metal benches, and industrial stairways, making them warm to the touch. Warm touch Metal paint can be used internally and externally. TRADE Warm touch covers up to 10 m² per litre with the recommended one coat. Painters and decorators can easily apply this warm to touch metal paint by brush, roller, or spray.


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