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Maybe you’re asking… How does house paint differ from artist paint, and why shouldn’t I use it for my home walls paintings? Yes! You can make your art at home with Vinyl Matt Paint. In our deep research we found out that For Jackson Pollock, an art enthusiast, especially paintings describe that there are two main reasons why you might use house paint for your art.

One reason is to save money by using household emulsion paint to prime your canvas. “After all, it’s paint and it’s white so why would it be any different?” Mentions the gallery and art supply’s owner. Actually, he also says that the other reason is as an artistic statement, production aesthetic of lifestyle colours with your personal expression. 

It is true that Vinyl matt paint looks similar to acrylic so why not give it a try in paintings on your home walls? And since matt house paint looks so much like an acrylic gesso primer, It can be used to the prime canvas!

Also, it’s a great idea for those emergent artists or amateur artists, who are getting into the painting world and want to explore more about it! As it’s very similar to the paintings in a lot of aspects, you can create a painting that lasts on your own house just like these: (Put art on walls) 


However, vinyl paints are the most common paint to be used in decorating the interior of houses. ‘Vinyl’ refers to the resin that is used as a binder in the makeup of the paint. A binder is an agent in paint that serves to make the paint stick to the support. Most of the vinyl paints are mixed as a neutral or white base and the pigment is added when ordered by the customer.

For your information, Matt Emulsion paint has a flat appearance and doesn’t give off any sort of shine. Actually is good for use on older houses and older walls as it can be good at hiding any imperfections.

And the best part is that there are newer wipe-clean matt products that you can buy nowadays. So if you have an idea, take your fancy clothes off and put your painter costume, because it’s time to make art at your own home! 

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