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HQC Garden Paint Woodcare, Shed & Fence, Outdoor UV Protection, Multi-Purpose Oil Based Rustproof Paint Decking, Barns, Gates, Railings, Wood, Metal, Timber, Concrete, Stone & Brick Weather Protection

Are you fond of gardening? You must have a beautiful looking garden with fences, sheds and flowerpots, do you? To keep them in the best shape and condition, you require the specialised paint that has been created for this specific purpose, i.e., HQC Garden Paint.

With the name HQC associated with it, you must be sure of the premium quality that the paint brings. Besides, the waterproof and the weatherproof feature, quick-drying and easy application makes this HQC Garden paint the best choice.

The formula of HQC Garden paint is unique in the sense that it does not only give the right colour to the garden items but also add protection and durability to them without urging you to repaint them for a long time. The special technology used by HQC paints ensure water and mildew repellence.

Quick drying and easy application are the other features you can expect from this HQC paint. With the premium packaging and worldwide delivery options, you can get the most value from it.

Black, White, Brown, Leaf Brown, Light Grey, Classic Grey, Dove Grey, Duck Egg, Light Blue, Pale Blue, Marina Blue, Ivory, Baby Pink are the main colours in which you can get the HQC garden paint. Besides, Racing Green, Sage Green, Terracota, Sandstone, Light Beige, Bagles, Magnolia, Red Brick and Pine Forest are the other colours in which you can get the HQC Garden Paint.


  • Premium Quality: HQC Garden Paint has been specially developed to colour and preserve sheds, fences, and garden wood. HQC Garden paint is quick-drying and wax enriched. Also, provides long-lasting colour and protection. Its unique pigments ensure a rich colour and allow the natural texture of the wood grain to shine through. 
  • Waterproof Outdoor Paint: Spice up your garden with a touch of striking --- colours of HQC garden chroma. Our garden paint has exceptional coverage & does a great job of repelling rainwater. HQC Garden paint will protect your outdoor furniture, providing long-lasting protection from the harsh environmental elements.
  • Multi-Purpose: It's versatile and can be used to paint wood, brick, terracotta, and metal. Not only can it be used on your fence panels, but it is also perfect for garden arches, wooden benches, sheds, and wooden patio furniture. HQC Garden --- varnish will also provide weather protection, ensuring that your garden stays looking magnificent.
  • Quick-Drying Paint: Dries in no time, so it's perfect as a small DIY project. Remodel your outdoor space and protect what you've organized with this superior decking paint. 
  • Easy to Apply: HQC Garden Paint is based on a white spirit polyurethane enamel resin, suitable with a brush, roller, and spray application, to be used on metal, concrete, stone, timber, and wood along with other well-prepared primed substrates. It has a thick viscosity, so it's neither drippy nor runny, making it a perfect combination. 

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