HQC Anti-condensation insulating paint

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Size: 0.5
Color: White
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The time it was on the market, speaks for the product itself. It eliminates mould of damp areas and prevents in future, it won’t happen again. It is a long term solution, which offers premium quality, very low odour levels, and maximum performance, you can be assured HQC Anti Condensation Insulating Paint will prevent future condensation problems including mould, blistering paint, discolouration, staining and peeling wallpaper – with just 2 coats. It also reduces heat loss.

HQC Anti Condensation coating is the perfect answer for applications requiring long-lasting protection from continuous and severe condensation. Use in kitchens and bathrooms in homes, hotels, schools, universities, restaurants, service stations, gyms, swimming pools and spas. Paint can easily be applied by brush, roller or spray. Use the product in just the same areas as conventional emulsions.


  • Reduces severe condensation problems
  • Reduces room heat loss & increases comfort
  • Helps prevent unsightly toxic mould
  • Lowest cost wall & ceiling insulation
  • Eliminates damp and works as long term solution

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