HQC Anti-Mould Insulating Paint

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Size: 0.5
Color: White
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Do you want to keep your walls mould free? Well, this might seem impossible, but it isn’t. HQC mould paint can give you a mould free experience for your walls. 

By now, you would have an idea about the reasons for the existence of moulds on the wall. It is because of the dampness and moisture in the walls. Either your walls have direct contact with water or humidity somehow, or the dampness in the water did not dry before applying paint. 

Irrespective of the reason for mould existence, you can get away with it just with the double coat of HQC mould paint. The use of scientific technology in creating this paint and the guarantee of high-quality material brings in the best for your walls. It is not only a 2-3 month temporary solution that the other paints and additives offer. With our HQC Mould paint in use, you can expect the paint to safe guard your surfaces from mould for 6 years. It is because of the special technology used in the HQC mould paint that repels water and mildew.

Impressive, isn’t it? Order your paint now!

Where can it be applied? 

Suitable for interior and exterior on clean, dry surfaces to prevent the growth of mould and mildew


  • Reduces severe condensation & mould problems
  • Reduces room heat loss & increases comfort
  • Helps prevent unsightly toxic mould
  • Lowest cost wall & ceiling insulation
  • Eliminates damp and works as long term solution

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