HQC Masonry Paint

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Color: Black
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High quality product with leading weatherproof technology.  Formulated with acrylic resin that provides ultimate protection to your property. The paint will offer years of protection against extreme weather conditions, ensuring unrivalled durability and long lasting protection. 

HQC Masonry paint wont not only colour your walls but also protects your home against extreme weather and adverse environmental conditions.

HQC Masonry paint is specially formulated to keep your walls moisture-free and resistant to water infiltration even in adverse weather conditions. Moisture-free walls mean lesser chances of fungal growth or paint peeling; thus, your walls can stay new-like and fresh for a longer time.

Isn’t it something that you have been looking for?

All these features of HQC masonry paint for walls enhance the overall value with the assurance of reduced spending on regular maintenance.

Its environmentally friendly feature makes it safe for you to breathe in the same surrounding even when the paint is fresh. The outlook that this product facilitates is cleaner, better looking, and protected.

Besides, the availability of this HQC weatherproof paint in multiple sizes makes its use more manageable, allowing you to try different colours. The product’s even texture ensures easy application and more extensive area coverage.

HQC masonry paint for walls is available in Black, White, Brown, Leaf Brown, Light Grey, Classic Grey, Dove Grey, Duck Egg, Light Blue, Pale Blue, Marina Blue, and Ivory colours. Besides, you can also enjoy shades like Baby Pink, Racing Green, Sage Green, Terracota, Sandstone, Light Beige, Bagles, Magnolia, Red Brick, and Pine Forest. Liked the colour variety? Which one will you buy for your walls?


Under normal conditions, this paint provides coverage of up to 14m2 per litter if painting a single coat or 7m2 for two coats. 

HQC Masonry Paint is an environmentally friendly coating suitable for painting on concrete, plaster, pebble-dash, brick and stone walls. Product keeps exteriors looking cleaner and protected, drastically reducing maintenance requirements.


  • Low Price
  • Repels water
  • Cost-effective
  • High scrub resistance
  • Less maintenance
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting

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