August 12, 2021
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One of the best ways to start the year is to do so with new purposes, goals, and projects. In short, you are renewing the spirit. Some gestures drive you to start that original path you want. If you are in that process, consider updating the Look of your closest environment. It begins with a change of Look on the walls of your home. The decoration of your house speaks of you. 

This article on the latest in wall colours can guide you. But fashion comes and goes, so the key is to find a balance with your style and decoration. Find out what you like the most among the latest paint colour trends for 2020

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Trendy colours

 Colour trends are indeed defined by the world's major paint manufacturers, mostly North American. Or the week in Milan, the capital of design, which is held every spring showing the trendiest of next year.

In general, there is a retro fashion inspired by the 80s. That is why bright and strong colours were seen in Milan:

- Primary colours such as Klein Red, Yellow and Blue (patented by artist Yves Klein).

Primary colours and Keint blue for interior paint.

- The colour of the year, bubblegum pink or popularly known as Millennial pink, which is assured will be everywhere in 2020.

Range of roses for interior painting

- The most luminous warm and earthy tones, such as orange or violet.

However, the truth is that society guides the way of fashion. It is the mood and tastes of the current population that determine the trend. The paint colour palettes that manufacturers create or the so-called colour of the year in the design capital are nothing more than a translation of what the collective spirit breathes.

Colours such as intense blue, millennial pink or teal are the big bets with which the most international manufacturers face next year. We show you other colour trends to renew your space and your mood this 2020.

1- Palette of soft, neutral and harmonic colours.

 It's about simplifying, and giving value at least is more. It is based on the influence of Hygge , a fashionable word that comes from Danish culture, and which expresses the concept of well-being. The decoration of a Hyggelig house consists of creating a happy environment where you can enjoy the little things in life with your family.

 The colour range of these wall paintings conceives a serene space where we can relax and disconnect. They are tones that give free rein to our way of being, naturally and without artifice.

Soft shades Hygge mode for interior painting. Neutral colours in furniture and ornaments combined with dark wall paint create a nice effect.

2 - Energetic colour palette

It is based on the way of understanding current life, from high technology, pop or ecological thinking. Warm colours such as oranges, yellows and also cold colours such as blues and greens make up this colour proposal for wall painting.

At this point, there is no doubt that the colours to paint a room affect the mood. Energetic ones like oranges, mixed with greens, blues, and yellows will bring you positive thoughts. You will find tranquillity in a deep blue—the fun in the yellow.

3 - Multicultural colour palette.

Influenced by the aspect of global thinking, by which we are all connected regardless of our origin and culture. We find in this trend ethnic models, the fusion of cultures, and the artisan. Borders abound in this proposal that highlights united humanity in the community.

Colours like fuchsia, blue and brown are the protagonists of this colour palette. Dare with interior painting from a cross-cultural point of view. 

For the writing of this article, we have consulted the bets of paintings at an international level. As you can see, each colour palette has a philosophical foundation linked to today's society. This confirms that as a collective, we have an active role in fashions and specifically on these paint colour trends.

Don't forget your New Year's resolutions and feed your new projects. Renovating your home with a change in wall paint colours is one of the best ways to end 2020.

Images credit:100 color combination ideas and examples | Canva



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