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Do you want to protect heat from omitting or entering your home? Thermilate Technology helps you insulate your home using its wide variety of paints, coatings, and plaster. It creates a barrier between your home and the environment to prevent heat in summer to enter the premises of your home, which helps you save air conditioner bill. And prevent heat from leaving your home in cold seasons to help you save heater bills. All these products are scientifically tested and proven to provide you with the best insulating barrier between you and the outside environment.

What is Thermalmix?

Thermalmix is a revolutionary paint additive that makes paint insulate. Thermalmix uses the latest Nano insulating technologies to create an effective thermal barrier. This prevents heat loss through your walls and ceilings. Room temperatures normally increase by up to 2 to 3°C and stay warmer for longer - which is why 92% of customers would recommend our products. Thermalmix has been developed by our highly-skilled Research and Development team utilizing the latest NanoCNB structures so that when walls and ceilings are coated with paint mixed with Thermalmix, the surface’s ability to absorb heat from the room is inhibited, thus reflecting the heat BACK into your room. Thermalmix is environmentally friendly and its breathability helps with condensation problems.

How does Thermalmix Work?

Thermalmix creates an effective thermal barrier that prevents heat loss through walls and ceilings when used internally in cold countries and prevents heat gain through walls and ceilings when used externally in hot countries. Conventional insulation products only work by slowing down the rate of heat LOSS through the wall. The Nanotechnology within Thermalmix works by helping to PREVENT the heat from getting to the wall in the first place by the formation of its unique thermal barrier. Additional energy-saving benefits are also achieved when used on previously insulated walls. ”In a recent consumer survey, 97% of customers said their homes felt warmer”. Thermalmix provides a U-value improvement of 0.14 W/m2K and has been independently tested to UK, EU, and ASTM standards. Thermalmix is used throughout the world by multi-national companies, Government departments & individual households. How to use Thermalmix? Thermalmix is very easy to use and can be mixed with virtually all paints and coatings. The contents of the bottle should be gradually stirred into 5 liters of paint or coating.

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