HQC Exterior Wall Insulating Paint

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HQC Insulation Paint not only defends against harsh weather conditions, ensuring supreme durability and long-lasting protection but is also scientifically verified to reduce heat-loss through exterior walls with just limited coats.

By Insulating and protecting walls that are exposed to a variety of weather conditions, HQC Insulation Paint helps keep internal temperatures more comfortable with the minimum of energy usage.

This exterior insulating masonry paint will apply a reflective barrier which will help deflect cold air from entering your home, whilst at the same time reflect heat back into your home which would be normally wasted through the walls in the winter . Alternatively in warmer climate, or the summer. the same technology will help deflect warm heat from entering your walls, helping to keep a more comfortable interior temperature whilst save energy on cooling and heating costs all year round.  

An all in 1 Solution

HQC Exterior Insulation Paint is applied to exterior walls on homes, shops, resorts, workshops, warehouses, and other properties. Insulation Paint is Eco-friendly and suitable for coating on concrete, pebble-dash, brick, and stone walls. 


HQC Exterior Wall Insulating Paint’s insulating technology also help protect against moulds & mildew and prevents water intrusion, so it offers a cleaner and more hygienic option for you to protect your walls. All these facts are scientifically tested and proven to bring great results. Don't wait any further to order this best exterior wall paint in any size you want.

The best exterior wall paint colours you can expect in this brand range include White, Black, Brown, Leaf Brown, Light Grey, Classic Grey, Dove Grey, Duck Egg, and Light Blue, Pale Blue, Marina Blue, and Ivory colours. Besides, you can also enjoy shades like Baby Pink, Racing Green, Sage Green, Terracota, Sandstone, Light Beige, Bagles, Magnolia, Red Brick and Pine Forest.


  • Reduces room heat loss & increases comfort
  • Less energy needed – reduces heating bills
  • Eco friendly. Lowers your carbon footprint
  • Lowest price for wall & ceiling insulation
  • 6 year guarantee



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