At Paint Outlet, we understand the importance of being environmentally conscious in the paint industry. Large manufacturers often have a monopoly on the market, controlling supply chains and the retail price point of paint sold in third-party stores. This often leads to consumers having to choose between buying cheaper, low-quality paint that wears and fails quickly or paying a premium for better quality paint.

When cheap paint is used, it is more likely to fail, resulting in repainting more frequently and contributing to environmental harm. We believe that when you opt for a more expensive option, the paint is still likely to be diluted in order to benefit the business models of large manufacturers.

Additionally, large manufacturers profit from producing excessive amounts of paint that sits on shelves without any guarantee it will be sold or used, resulting in wasted paint and further environmental damage. In fact, every year, 415 million litres of unused paint are wasted in the UK and USA alone, with only 2% being recycled, equivalent to 1,000,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

At Paint Outlet, we break this cycle by simply manufacturing paint ourselves. By doing so, we are able to eliminate waste entirely, control water and waste management, and produce only the highest-grade products.

We understand that the use of thin, less durable products from big paint companies causes more frequent rework for our customers and a higher demand for their goods but also produce more c02 emissions. That's why we make sure our customers get only the highest-grade product options and get the most out of their choice of product for long-lasting benefits.

By manufacturing the highest quality products, you aim to ensure that the items produced have a longer lifespan and are less likely to go unused or become substandard quickly. This approach promotes sustainability by reducing waste and the need for constant replacements.

We are constantly striving to improve and be ahead of the market, using the best additives and technology to develop versatile solutions for various problems such as mould, moisture, and energy.

By partnering with Thermilate technologies, we are also able to offer one-of-a-kind insulating energy-saving options for paints and coatings. This advanced technology insulates walls and reflects heat, preventing heat loss in the winter and reflecting excessive heat coming in from outside the home in the summer. This helps to reduce energy bills and further decrease our customers' carbon footprint.

Partnering with technologies that simulate energy-saving properties in coatings can help further reduce the environmental impact of your products. Energy-saving coatings can potentially enhance the energy efficiency of buildings, leading to reduced energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.

By offering all this directly to the market, we cut out all middleman costs, resulting in huge savings on high-grade paint for our customers. We encourage our customers to make the switch and try our products to be a part of the change to break the cycle of unnecessary repurchasing and waste in the paint industry. Instead, use better product solutions that benefit both our customers and the environment.

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