Landlord’s Paint - Anti-Damp Paint

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Size: 1L
Colour: Shining White
Sale price£23.95

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Landlords’ offers premium quality paint to stop future damp problems including mould, discolouration, staining and blistering. An ideal product to paint walls that require long-lasting protection from continuous condensation. Suitable for areas such as kitchen, bathroom. Anti Damp paint seals ceilings and walls to block damp and stains from re-appearing. Suitable for areas that tends to damp including areas around windows frames and exterior facing walls.

Before applying with spray gun you need to nozzle filters size from 0.019X to 0.026X.



    Key Benefits :

    • Reduce severe damp problems
    • Wipeable
    • Non-dripping
    • Water-based
    • Low odour level


    • Touch Dry: 2h
    • Recoatable: 4h
    • Coverage: 6m2/l
    • Water-based

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