When it comes to buying paint, customers have so many options to choose from today. At Paint Outlet, though, we provide a service that is built upon three key facets: affordability, quality, and environmental stability. If you want to buy a paint product that you can trust for a price that you can afford, then Paint Outlet is the ideal place to start.

Who Are We?

We are Paint Outlet, a company formed in 2001 with vast experience in direct to consumer paint products. Our high quality paints are developed using scientifically proven methods to maximise longevity, deliver the freshest colour, and minimise the need for repainting and top-up jobs in the future.

All of these benefits, and more, are passed on to our consumers. We use the best ingredients for the creation of our paints, yet we also provide some of the best prices in the industry. Instead of cutting corners in manufacturing, we create products which are built to last.

Whether you need luxury paints for home, commercial painting product, or industrial works, at Paint Outlet we can supply you with the best products at the cheapest price. 

The Benefits Of Shopping At Paint Outlet

Our customers benefit hugely from using our expert services to buy quality, reliable paint products. Just some of the benefits our customers can enjoy include:

  • World class manufacturing. We utilise only the best technology to help avoid water wastage. We use the best ingredients, we minimise packaging, and we provide a wide range of quality products.

  • Environmental care. Our team use environmentally conscious manufacturing and development methods. This lets us know that our products are not causing the same issues described above.

  • Direct distribution. We use a service built around direct and clear distribution right to our consumers. This helps to cut down on transportation time with our on-demand paint products available to buy. 

  • The best end product. Our products help customers to save time, save money, reduce energy loss, enjoy a more durable finish to their paint, avoid repainting, and avoid the build-up of moisture and mould.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to provide the best quality of painting products at the fairest possible price. While other manufacturers focus on mass production of low quality paints, we focus on quality over quantity. This helps us to make a paint that looks better, spreads further, lasts longer, and has nothing like the same potential environment impact as other paint products.

We also focus on the creation of environmentally friendly products which safely utilise the best materials for the greatest results. Many manufacturers are using thinner ingredients which lead to paint with shorter lifespans, meaning you need to repaint the same surface repeatedly. This means you need to buy more paint, and thus more paint has to be created to meet this demand.

While that might allow others to grow their business model, that is not our mission at Paint Outlet. Our mission is to deliver high-class paint products that do not impact the health of our environment, and do not contribute to an excess in carbon emissions through the paint manufacturing and creation process.

A part of our mission, then, is to bring about the end of the vicious cycle of buying cheap paint that has to be re-done time and time again. Just 2% of paint is recycled, meaning huge quantities of cheap paint is left to rot, meaning the development of carbon emissions and environmental issues for no good reason.

We keep our paint products on-demand so that our customers get the quality and the quantity they need without having to worry about having to buy yet more paint to complete the job. When you use a Paint Outlet product, you can look forward to a fantastic chromatic colour that does not fade like cheaper paints. Our mission, then, is to stay true to that focus of high-quality, affordable, and ethical paint products. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where people paint using the safest, most sustainable painting products they can. We envision a painting industry where environmental standards and painting quality go hand-in-hand for every consumer. 

The use of our products helps to give consumers a paint product which looks greater, lasts longer on any surface, and does not need the continual rework that is so common with other paints. Instead of joining in with the craze of selling huge quantities of low quality paint, we envision a world where our clientele can trust us based on the quality we provide, not how many litres of paint we have sold.

Our Process

At Paint Outlet, we are focused on the creation of painting and decorating supplies that can make your life easier. From paint to primer to sealers and various accessories for painting, we act as your all-in-one solution for painting projects. Every product goes through strict testing and quality assurance process, ensuring that our products only reach the shelves are thorough, continuous testing.

This helps us to provide paint that spreads well, looks fantastic, and provides a lasting finish to the surface covered. This also ensures that your paint is protected against environmental factors such as the development of heat damage, moisture growth, and more.

Our Promise To You 

Our promise to our consumers is that we will never falter from focusing on high-quality, environmentally friendly painting products that every user can trust. We will never cut corners, go against the science, or look to boost our own profits at your expense. 

Every product is made fresh and on-demand, delivered directly to the door of our clientele to minimise wastage. The end result, then, is our company is entirely focused on the delivery of the best painting solutions whilst adhering to modern standards on wastage and environmental policy.

If you are looking for a painting company with a clear focus on making your job easier, not harder, then consider using Paint Outlet products for your next project.