When it comes to buying paint and decorating products, customers have a wide range of options to choose from. At Paint Outlet, we go beyond just selling paint and offer a service built on three key facets: affordability, quality, and environmental stability. If you are looking for trustworthy paint and decorating products at an affordable price, Paint Outlet is the ideal place to start.

Who Are We? We are Paint Outlet, a company established in 2001 with extensive experience in providing direct-to-consumer decorating paint products. Our high-quality paints are developed using scientifically proven methods to maximise longevity, deliver vibrant colour, and minimise the need for repainting and touch-ups in the future. we have further catered to other decorating industries on our journey helping more reliable products on the market for different uses.

We pass on these benefits to our customers by using the best ingredients in our paint & decorating creation process while still offering competitive prices. Our focus is on manufacturing products that are built to last, rather than cutting corners.

Whether you need luxury paints for your home, commercial painting products, or industrial works, Paint Outlet can supply you with the best products at affordable prices.

The Benefits of Shopping at Paint Outlet Our customers enjoy numerous benefits when using our expert services to buy quality and reliable paint products. Some of the advantages our customers can enjoy include:

  1. World-class manufacturing: We utilise the best technology to minimise water wastage, use high-quality ingredients, minimise packaging, and offer a wide range of quality products.

  2. Environmental care: We employ environmentally conscious manufacturing and development methods, ensuring that our products do not contribute to environmental issues.

  3. Direct distribution: Our service is built around direct and efficient distribution, ensuring minimal transportation time. Our on-demand paint products are readily available for purchase.

  4. The best end product: Our products help customers save time, money, and energy. They provide a durable finish, prevent the buildup of moisture and mould, and reduce heat loss, addressing common challenges beyond just decorating.

Paintoutlet.co.uk offers several distinct benefits that set us apart from our competitors:

  1. Highest Quality Products: We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality decorating products. We offer domestic, commercial, and industrial-grade paints that meet stringent quality standards. Our products are scientifically tested and proven.

  2. Lowest Costs: We believe that high-quality products should be affordable for everyone. By eliminating unnecessary costs and selling directly to customers, we can offer our products at significantly lower prices compared to major retail outlets, without compromising on quality.

  3. Reduced Waste and CO2 Emissions: We adopt an on-demand manufacturing approach to minimise unused paint waste. By making paint fresh on order, we reduce environmental impact and prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions associated with the production and disposal of unused paint.

  4. Product Sustainability and Environmental Consciousness: Paintoutlet.co.uk is committed to promoting sustainable practices. Our products utilise water-saving technologies, are eco-friendly, water-based, and low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds). By choosing our paints, customers contribute to a greener future.

  5. Wide Range of Products: We offer a comprehensive range of decorating products to cater to various needs. From interior and exterior paints to roof sealers, garden paints, tarmac revivers, wood paints, metal paints, and more, we have a solution for every surface.

  6. Deal directly with the suppliers: At Paintoutlet.co.uk, we prioritise customer satisfaction. By dealing directly with customers, we provide personalised support and address their specific needs. Our user-friendly website and intuitive navigation make it easy for both non-painters and professionals to find the right product and make informed decisions.

  7. Industry Expertise and Reputation: With over 25 years of experience, Paintoutlet.co.uk has established itself as a trusted brand in the UK and worldwide. Our products are used by major companies, top hotels, and government agencies, demonstrating our industry expertise and commitment to quality.

  8. Innovative Solutions: We go beyond traditional paint suppliers by offering innovative solutions to common challenges. Our products are designed to address issues such as mould, dampness, condensation, and the failure of cheap and unreliable paint or materials. We also cater to energy efficiency and insulation problems, partnering with the only genuine insulating paint coating in the world. This provides an alternative to expensive insulation methods, addressing the cost of living crisis and energy price rise.

Our Mission: Our mission is to provide the best quality painting products at the lowest possible price. While other manufacturers focus on mass-producing low-quality paints, we prioritise quality over quantity. We aim to deliver paint products that look better, spread further, last longer, and have a minimal environmental impact.

Our Vision : Our vision is to create a world where people use the safest and most sustainable painting products. We envision an industry where environmental standards and painting quality go hand-in-hand for every consumer. Our focus is on providing quality products rather than selling large quantities of low-quality paint.

Our Process At Paint Outlet, we focus on creating painting and decorating supplies that make your life easier. From paint to primer to sealers and various accessories, we act as your all-in-one solution for painting projects. Every product undergoes strict testing and quality assurance processes to ensure only the best products reach our shelves.

Our Promise to You Our promise to our customers is to consistently deliver high-quality, environmentally friendly painting products that you can trust. We never cut corners, compromise on scientific principles, or prioritise our own profits over your satisfaction. We manufacture products fresh and on-demand, minimising wastage and adhering to modern standards of environmental policy.

If you are looking for a painting company that prioritises making your job easier, consider using Paint Outlet products for your next project.