Why settle for mediocre or expensive paints when you can have Paint Outlet?

Take a look at the comparison table to see how our platform outshines buying paint elsewhere

  • Deal directly with the supplier
  • Fixed Colour Prices
  • Guaranteed, in-house High-quality products
  • 50% lower prices, no added brand costs
  • Freshly made on order
  • Scientifically tested and proven
  • All-in-one decorating stop
  • Eco-friendly and low VOCs
  • Reduced paint waste & CO2 emissions
  • 25+ years of experience

Other Retail Outlets

  • Middlemen
  • Price in colour varies
  • Variable quality, unknown production methods
  • Retail markup, with added brand costs
  • Batch-quality paint
  • Variable quality
  • Limited range
  • Limited environmental focus
  • High paint waste 
  • Variable experience