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Fresh Lee on order with 28 years of experience, we manufacture our products in-house with complete quality control from start to finish. Our focus on high quality and environmental standards ensures that your purchase is the best it can be.

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You're part of the change in breaking the false paint economy economy. By choosing Paint Outlet, you are breaking the cycle of cheap, low-quality paint and contributing to a more sustainable future. Join us in creating a brighter and better tomorrow.

Solution vetted products

At Paint Outlet, we are more than just a paint store. Since 2001, we have been providing scientifically tested and proven solutions for a wide range of industries and surfaces, including interior and exterior decorating, roofing, tarmac, flooring, wood, and metal. Our paints, primers, and sealers are designed not only to add colour, but also to provide long-term protection for surfaces, preventing deterioration and other issues that surfaces may face throughout their lifetimes.

To achieve this, we have conducted extensive research to develop the best possible formulations for each surface. Our efforts include partnering with Thermilate Technologies to provide unique thermal barrier coatings that can be applied to flooring, metal, roofs, and Interior & exterior walls to insulate surfaces and save energy on heating and cooling. These products are patent-protected and available exclusively at Paint Outlet.

In addition to colour and finishes,

We also offer a range of interior and exterior paints that provide protection against cooking smoke and stains, moisture ingress, toxic mould, extreme weather conditions and heat loss.

For roof surfaces, we offer long-lasting coatings and sealers that insulate and reflect solar heat.

For tarmac surfaces, we supply products that have been scientifically proven to last longer and be protected from weather, heat, and weight, ultimately protecting tarmac from contraction and expansion in changing climates.

And for metal surfaces, we offer Thermilate Warmtouch, a coating that prevents overheating and freezing in both climates, keeping surfaces touchable, while also protecting against corrosion, blistering, and discolouration.

We also help landscaping projects with professional products that are made not only to colour but protect wood surfaces, allowing you or your business to offer better, more durable service to your customers and decor, leading to increased satisfaction and reputation.

In summary, at Paint Outlet, we are dedicated to providing vetted solutions that not only improve the appearance of surfaces, but also protect and extend their lifespan, helping to reduce maintenance and utility costs.

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