August 12, 2021
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A painter once said that you feel more comfortable in a colour you like. And this is, perhaps, the rule that must be observed when choosing the one for the bedroom walls. We know that the glades are more serene and that the intense ones can, in addition to awaken our imagination, excite us and make us not sleep. But everything is so relative that if one identifies or feels comfortable with black 

1-Dark blue

Clearly, it is identified with the dream, since it takes us to the sky and the sea and rocks us between its waves. In this vibrant and even somewhat electric tonality it is a true injection of energy and vitality. Combined with the delicious curtains creates a vitamin and bold set. Of course, it requires natural can get varieties of natural.

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2-Powdery pink

This subtle and delicate pink dresses the bedroom walls with an aura of romance and serenity. Simple to combine, it has a feminine air that is difficult to hide. The contrast with the ceiling and the light grey motif is striking here, adding freshness and eliminating any hint of kitsch.

3-Snow white

A chromatic wildcard with which you will always hit the mark, since it reflects light, expands spaces, creates a sense of order and cleanliness, combines with all types of furniture and harmonizes with other colours. A classic in Nordic and classic decorations , during the summer its freshness will allow you to sleep soundly.

4-Spiced honey

Extremely warm, this colour, chosen by painters as the colour of 2020, reflects a positive attitude towards life and, therefore, is indicated for a good awakening. Depending on what tones and elements it is combined with, it can recreate a natural atmosphere or a more sophisticated one, as in this environment with touches of gold and black.

5-Pistachio green

Colour has the ability to transform rooms and give life to spaces. Thus, green is like a breath of fresh air, due to its association with nature and with life outside. Relaxing and very 'clean', it is comfortable between pieces of wood and fabrics such as cotton or linen.


This wall painted in two colours, from the new menu , recreates a simple and handmade atmosphere, which connects us with nature and with a relaxed atmosphere. Yet despite its rural character , it is wildly contemporary and daringly feminine.

7-Light grey

It is, along with white, the other chromatic wildcard of the house. Ideal in the bedroom, due to its serenity, if applied with a decorative technique, such as stucco or sponge, it helps to visually enlarge the space, in addition to hiding imperfections and adding a touch of warmth. In its lighter tones, such as stone , it is always light and enveloping, especially if you combine it with warm colours that break its coldness.


There are 32 shades of white, ranging from snow or chalk, to egg or almond, through broken and 'dirty', without losing, in any of their personalities, their wild card status. As it is a neutral, it enhances the decoration and contributes to highlighting the textures of the fabrics. Versatile and natural, its warmth provides the ideal atmosphere for relaxation.


It is the darkest grey, but also the most elegant. It highlights the decoration and furniture and offers endless nuances, depending on the type of light it receives. To show itself as it is, it requires square meters and large windows that let the sun's rays pass through. If you want to reduce its intensity, mix it with light pieces or add subtle touches of colour.

10-Vitamin orange

It is an explosion of colour, but also of warmth, light and personality. Bold and irreverent, it helps to create bedrooms with character, where nothing, not even the enveloping walls, can disturb the calm and rest. Very powerful, it enhances natural textures and loves light woods. 

Images credit:15 Refreshing Orange Bedroom Designs - Rilane

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