August 12, 2021
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Create a pleasant environment for the little ones in the house. Have you noticed that their rooms are usually the most original? There are many ideas online for decorating your bedrooms. Many of them are simple; you don't need to make significant renovations. Sometimes it is enough to change decoration elements such as quilts, cushions or curtains. Renovating a boys and girls room can be as simple as choosing a new interior paint colour for children's bedrooms. 

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Here's a list of suggestions for painting girls 'and boys' bedroom walls. Take a look at the range of interior paint colours appropriate for your age and situation, and find the visual effect you are looking for.

Have you observed the early ability children acquire to distinguish colours and hues? They are great. And they also know very well what colour they want a shirt or socks. So we advise you to ask for his opinion on the colours to paint the walls of his room. But it also values ​​that each girl or boy, without gender differences, needs one type or another of colour that stimulates them and adapts to their personality.

Although the latest trends in children's rooms contemplate a modern furniture design, by modules and with neutral colours, in general, shades such as yellow, red, blue, pink, orange and green are suitable for children's bedrooms. Avoid too strong tones that make sleep difficult; it is better to choose soft or neutral colours and leave the bright colours to children's accessories and accessories. Here are 9 suggestions on interior painting for children's bedrooms:

1-Painting the walls of a children's room with various colours can be a success. 
For example, dare to paint a skirting board in some cheerful colour like a splendid pink. Or paint the walls red and white. Well combined and softened, red is a colour that goes very well in children's rooms.

There is a wide variety of colours to choose from and create different environments in the children's bedroom. If you have decided on more than two shades of paint, all you need is to know the rule of colour distribution: 60% -30% -10%. This rule refers to the percentage of space that colour will have, from highest to lowest depending on whether it is more or less predominant. This will ensure a harmonious combination of colours. 

What if you venture to paint the room in stripes? Vertical or horizontal, freehand or traditional. If the colours combine like this white and light blue, they will work for sure.

2-Paint a children's room blue

Blue is one of the best colours for a children's bedroom for its relaxing effect. If you choose a dark tone, it is a good idea as long as it does not occupy most of the room. But if it is well combined, it is a good option. The blue on the walls transmits tranquillity and peace.
3-Children's bedroom is painted yellow. 

It is very well combined with another colour that moderates it, such as white, for example. The pale yellow colour is a success to paint a children's room. It is not a very intense colour, but it has a lot of vitality and energy. Yellow is a colour that inspires optimism.

4-Paint a children's room white
White makes the spaces larger; it is very bright and clean. Inspire purity. You can add colour with accessories and accessories. White stimulates intellectual activity and imagination.

5-Paint walls of a nursery grey. 
Grey may seem sad and muted, but if you combine it with some image or motif, it creates a modern and relaxing space. Also, as it is a neutral colour, it combines with all other colours. The grey or stone tone is one of those suggested by Feng-Shui (until 2023) for a harmonious balance.

6-Paint a girl's or boy's room pink.

It is not an exclusive colour for girls, although it is associated with the female gender. Light pink has calming and relaxing effects. It is a colour that inspires calm, friendliness and affection.

7-Paint a children's bedroom green
It is the colour of hope, it evokes nature, and it is also relaxing as it reduces tension. There are several tones to choose the most appropriate. This is another of the colours recommended by Feng Shui as long as the room has good natural light.

8-Paint the walls slate black and white for the nursery.
Try to prevent black from darkening the bedroom and making it sad. Use chalkboard paint to apply to two walls at the most, and let the little ones in the house get creative.

9-Paint a children's room in lavender
Lilac tones are also associated with girls, but it is ideal for any room. Lavender is a fresh and relaxing colour, suitable for any room. Intensifies intellectual capacity.

We have already told you above about a unique type of paint for fun and enjoyment of the little ones in the house; it is chalkboard paint. You only need a space on the wall, on a smooth surface, so that they can unleash their imagination and creativity. Choose the colour you prefer. 

On the other hand, you are interested in knowing more about the finish of interior paintings, in ensuring that you achieve the effect you are looking for:

♦Finish bright: Although it is easier to clean with soap and water, keep in mind that highlights the imperfections of the wall. Produces shine and reflections. It is not recommended for children's bedrooms.

♦Satin finish: It is easy to clean and very delicate.

♦Finish matt: camouflages imperfections, prevents annoying reflections but is more exposed to stains. Fortunately, you have painted with a washable matte finish.

You see that just by painting the walls you can renew the bedroom of the smallest of the house. It is as simple as choosing the interior paint and the colour or colours that best suit your project or the character of its inhabitants. Ask them to collaborate; they will surely like to contribute their ideas and decide the colour of their room.

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