Landlords and housing associations facing thousands of in claims in Its Worsening Mould Crisis

April 28, 2024
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Over a fifth of UK homes suffer from mould, damp, or condensation, study finds. Mould crisis affects the people living in these conditions but also takes a heavy toll on property managers, facility managers, and landlords, costing thousands in claims. It ends up damaging the property, but it also cuts down the net evaluation and price significantly.

Over a fifth of UK homes suffer from mould, damp, or condensation (1). One of the most common problems that have been plaguing the lives of too many landlords and property owners is the significant growth of moulds in the properties which is leading to collapsing roof canopies, and rotting balconies. As of 2023, mould removal charges range from £50 to £350 per room (2), with costs for entire residences ranging from £800 to £1000, depending on the size and severity of the infestation (3).

If untreated landlords or housing association could face tens of thousands of pounds if it leads to affecting the health of residents (4), which is itself a crisis for housing companies and property owners.

When warm, humid air comes into touch with cold surfaces, it leads to the formation of condensation. Humid air condenses into water droplets on cold surfaces, causing hazardous mould to grow on some surfaces, such as walls and ceilings, or the bubbling and peeling of non-moisture-resistant paints in such regions. In order to avoid the problems connected with excessive moisture and condensation, it is critical to solve the root issue of where the moisture is coming from before using appropriate paints in high-humidity areas and properly insulate the area to reduce the chance of condensation development.

Thermilate Technologies, known for their only genuine insulation paint and  coatings for the past  25 years, has now released InsOpaint ULTRA Energy saving revolutionary paint patent-protected for household users to help combat areas with high humidity and that are hard to heat, especially those with uninsulated walls or homes which lose lots of heat. InsOpaint ULTRA is highly effective in high humidity areas which creates a breathable thermal barrier once the paint has dried, eliminating typical condensation problems such as mould as its protective barrier reduces the heat reaching the cold wall in the first place. InsOpaint ULTRA, however, brings even more “ultra” insulating effects to the table.

Unlike cheaper, short-shelf life solutions that unnecessarily increase paint demand, profiting industry giants. Thermilate utilises the best ingredients to ensure that mould is completely eradicated even in the toughest conditions as opposed to other brands which use chemicals in your paint to fight off mould until the chemicals wear out, whereas InsOpaint ULTRA puts up a barrier and protects your surfaces from mould for years. 

It also has become increasingly difficult for consumers, particularly new paint buyers, to choose a reliable paint product that effectively combats mould due to the prevalence of cheap paints with false promises flooding the market. This significant problem in the paint industry is a result of large manufacturers prioritising profits over product quality, leading to the production of cheap paint with substandard ingredients. To manufacture such low-cost, low-quality paint, these manufacturers first need to take into account factors such as VAT, shipping, packaging, and fees, and then reduce product quality to offer the product at a lower price, leaving room for profit. As a result, cheaper, low-quality alternatives from well-known brands flood the market, leaving consumers with paint that has a limited shelf life and fails to effectively protect against mould. Ultimately, this can lead to mould regrowth, endangering health and increasing utility costs from constant repainting, and resulting in costly claims for landlords and housing associations. As well as endangering health and increasing utility costs from constant repainting. Meanwhile, these large manufacturers continue to generate significant profits as consumers need to buy more paint.

This is why Thermilate Technologies has partnered with to offer consumers the "InsOpaint ULTRA Energy Saving Paint" £100 off voucher using offer code "ULTRA100," an exclusive discount available only at This partnership offers a range of benefits to consumers, including the ability to purchase directly from the supplier and save on major middlemen costs. This results in products being made fresh on order while also reducing renovation costs. Additionally being a part of innovative initiatives to break the false economy created by large manufacturers by shopping from"

InsOpaint ULTRA are well suited for high humidity environments where condensation is a possibility and have been helping astute solutions for mould and bill problems haunting property managers and facility managers, and landlords. In fact, 97% of consumers agreed that their home felt warmer after using the range of InsOpaint for their house decoration.

One of the key spokesmen for the Thermilate technologies was quoted as saying, “ People often try to repaint over the mould often find mould grows back this is because either the paint often used for repainting is not strong enough, or the place where the mould is coming from has not been resolved. Once resolved, The use of insopaint ULTRA will help surfaces remain breathable and . Condensation is also mostly the prime factor when it comes to moulds because the humid air when it comes in contact with cool surfaces leads to the outgrowth of moulds. So, by offering InsOpaint that keeps the surface highly breathable, and allows the temperature to be regulated, we are able to prevent this problem in the right manner. ”- Thermilate technologies”

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