How Big Residential And Commercial Properties Save Energy Bills With Paint

April 28, 2024
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 As big residential and commercial properties strive for smarter solutions to save energy bills, Insopaint ULTRA Energy saving paint by Thermilate offers a whopping £100 Off voucher, in partnership with, encouraging all homeowners and businesses to save money on their utility bills by simply painting.

Rising energy bills have made holiday festivities a distant memory for many homeowners in the UK. After the surge in energy prices by 54% in April 2022, the energy price increased by 80% in October 2022, with a further increase of 20% planned for April 2023 (1)This is why homeowners and commercial property owners are now turning their attention to seeking essential cost-of-living savings.

However, there is a solution as The Energy Saving Trust has calculated that each degree by which a thermostat can be reduced results in a 10% lowering of heating costs, which will also reduce the home's carbon footprint and CO2 emissions (2).

It is well-known that almost 25% of heat can be lost through walls (3). Any property with solid walls is harder to insulate because solid walls lose twice as much heat as cavity walls do. Over 6 million homes in the UK have been built with solid walls, which cannot benefit from cavity wall insulation, and these homes can lose up to 45% of heat through their walls. Consequently, homeowners are forced to use traditional insulation methods, costing as much as £8,000-15,000  (4). In the current era of high living costs and energy crises, people are actively seeking ways to conserve energy. InsOpaint ULTRA Energy Saving paint provides an ideal solution to this issue by offering all in one decoration, insulation, and ease of use, accessible not only for professionals but for everyone. 

After painting with InsOpaint ULTRA choosing your preferred colour from their range of 30 colours, once it has dried a thermal barrier is formed on your walls which will reflect up to 25% of heat back in your room, allow less heat to be lost and help rooms heat faster in especially in winter climates. If painted on the exterior, InsOpaint ULTRA will help prevent the amount of heat gain through your walls, helping your rooms stay cooler in summer climates, ultimately helping reduce pressure on heating and cooling costs all year round. This innovative paint simplifies the process of transforming any property, especially a solid-walled room or newly built homes with no insulation at all, making it much cheaper, accessible and easier than traditional insulation products for anyone to take advantage of.

Thermilate's technology, InsOpaint, has been used worldwide in homes and commercial properties. Their latest product, InsOpaint Ultra, is a revolutionary addition to the paint market and offers modern energy-saving solutions. After 25 years of extensive development, InsOpaint Ultra provides extra insulation by simply decorating, helping to insulate homes by reflecting heat back in your room, retaining heat and saving energy and money on bills. This product offers an excellent return on investment, paying for itself through reduced heating costs. 

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, "With 25 years of extensive research and development, we have released a new product InsOpaint ULTRA, Providing extra layers of insulation keping you keep warmer in winter and cooler in summer, ensuring help to your home become greener, eco-friendly, more efficient, and less expensive to heat. There's no better time to go green than now!”

As evident, these decorating products have made it easier for households to decorate their house with InsOpaint, which only needs to be used once without comprising space. InsOpaint’s insulating technology is the only genuine insulating paint and coating in the world that has been scientifically tested, proven by top worldwide laboratories, including government bodies, used on over 10s of millions of square feet worldwide, and by the top companies in the world, including Coca-Cola, NHS, major hotels, aircraft hangers, and many more. helping homeowners save energy and money while reducing their carbon footprint by keeping the inside of their homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and save bills at the same time at no extra cost.

The company is so sure of what they have to offer that they are ready to give a 100% money-back guarantee on its products. InsOpaint ULTRA not only makes homes feel much warmer during the cold winter months but, due to its unique thermal barrier, its breathability prevents mould and other condensation problems too. Thermilate also gives a 100% money-back guarantee on all its products.They are of the opinion that 97% of their consumers recommended InsOpaint and believed that it helped them get rid of mould.

Thermite Technologies has partnered with to offer a discount  purchasing any InsOpaint. Customers simply need to sign up and register a account at the checkout. 

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