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April 28, 2024
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Themilate Technologies, a technology that has been employed by prominent brands such as Coca-Cola, Rolls Royce, Holiday Inn, and many others, has introduced a groundbreaking product that acts as an imperceptible silver blanket for walls. This product is highly effective in reducing heat and energy losses and curbing unnecessary energy waste.


The energy bills are set to rise by an astonishing £693 for the average U.K. household in recent years and are only expected to worsen with the ongoing Ukraine and Russia conflict (1). Gas, coal, and electricity prices have risen to their highest levels in the last decade, which has also increased electricity costs. As per the latest data, the traditional external insulation methods to reduce heat loss from walls currently cost around £13,000 for an average three-bedroom home. (2)


As energy conservation becomes an increasingly pressing concern, innovative solutions such as Insopaint ULTRA Energy saving paint are gaining prominence and the ideal solution for property owners and construction professionals who are looking for an effective, affordable, and sustainable way to reduce energy consumption - Insopaint ULTRA is a high performance paint which allows consumers to decorate their space in 30 trendy colours.


It utilises patent protected insulating technology that reflects heat off your walls and back in your home, reducing the amount of heat loss and helping your rooms warm up quicker especially in cold climates. When painted on the exterior, InsOpaint ULTRAs thermal barrier will prevent heat gain, helping your rooms stay cooler in summer climates. Ultimately help reduce pressure on heating and cooling costs all year round without investing thousands in traditional insulation methods or compromising any space.

It is well-known that radiation from burning gas or electricity heats our rooms. These heat sources emit radiation that travels across the room and ultimately heats the objects and walls of the house. However, cold walls are known to absorb heat even if the house is insulated.

It doesnt matter whether the walls are insulated or non-insulated; the inside wall must be heated first. However, since most walls are plasterboard first, then block or brick, giving them a thickness of around 100mm, heating this wall for hours using ones own money often results in wastage as people leave for another room (3). 


InsOpaint ULTRA’s invisible technology heats rooms faster as the radiation bounces back off the walls and heats the wall, just like sun screen you put on your skin or those amazing silver foil blankets that have replaced blankets in emergencies worldwide. When homes lose up to 35% of heat through walls (4), and up to 25% of heat can be reflected back in your room, InsOpaint ULTRA brings a revolutionary solution to householders helping  prevent less heat from being absorbed into the wall and less energy to be wasted.

InsOpaint ULTRA offers a great return on investment, compensating for themselves through lower heating bills. Its exceptional combination of features, including decoration, protection, insulation, and user-friendliness, makes it a revolutionary solution for improving the energy efficiency of any solid-walled or hard to heat spaces, whether it's a home or a business, much more efficiently than traditional products.

InsOpaint Ultra's technology has undergone extensive scientific testing in leading laboratories worldwide and has been recognized by government organisations for its ability to conserve property energy for up to 25 years by simply painting your spaces. Thermilates technology has been employed in over 20 million square feet of buildings across the globe, yielding impressive outcomes in lowering energy consumption and cutting carbon emissions. As a result, it is now an excellent choice for homes and businesses seeking to decorate and insulate their properties while reducing their energy expenses.


One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, "Solid walls lose twice as much heat as cavity walls, making any property with solid walls more difficult to insulate. Over 12 million homes in the U.K. have solid walls that do not benefit from cavity wall insulation, allowing up to 45 percent of heat to escape through the walls." (5)


Thermilate has partnered with to offer huge discounted prices and promotional offers to consumers. They offer a lucrative £100 off InsOpaint ultra for readers 


About Themilate Technologies 

Themilate Technologies has been making some of the finest insulated paint, which has been used by top companies like Rolls Royce, and Coca-cola.  Dubai Mall, and many, many more. Offering home products ranging from insoplast to insofloor, the company makes the best use of the latest developments in nanotechnology to design the right products. 









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