Worsening Mould Crisis: Landlords and Housing Associations Facing Thousands of In Claims

May 12, 2024
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The Problem

A study has found that over a fifth of UK homes suffer from mould, damp, or condensation (1)

One of the most common problems that has been plaguing the lives of too many landlords and property owners is the significant growth of mould which can lead to collapsing roof canopies and rotting balconies.


As of 2023, mould removal charges range from £50 to £350 per room (2), with costs for entire residences ranging from £800 to £1000 depending on the size and severity of the infestation (3). If untreated, landlords or housing associations could face tens of thousands of pounds in charges if it affects the health of residents (4), all of this causes a real crisis for residents, property managers and landlords alike.

The Solution

Thermilate Technologies, a paint company known for what are the only genuine insulation paints and coatings on the market, have released a new product called InsOpaint ULTRA Energy Saving Paint to combat the growing mould crisis affecting over a fifth of UK homes. 

The patent-protected InsOpaint ULTRA is highly effective in high-humidity areas, creating a breathable thermal barrier that eliminates mould and reduces heat loss. Unlike cheaper alternatives, it utilises the best ingredients to eradicate mould and protect surfaces for years. This solution is a breath of fresh air for the paint industry as the market currently has a problem with large manufacturers prioritising profits over product quality, leading to the production of cheap paint with substandard ingredients that fail to protect against mould. 

One of the key spokesmen for Thermilate Technologies said “People often try to repaint over the mould and find it just grows back. This is because either the paint is not strong enough, or the place where the mould is coming from has not been resolved. Once resolved, the use of InsOpaint ULTRA will help surfaces remain breathable. Condensation is the prime factor when it comes to moulds because when humid air comes into contact with cool surfaces, it leads to the outgrowth of moulds. So, InsOpaint helps to keeps the surface highly breathable, and allows the temperature to be regulated, helping to prevent the problem in the right manner.”

InsOpaint ULTRA is well suited for high-humidity environments where condensation is a possibility and has been helping property managers, facility managers, and landlords with mould and bill problems.

Thermilate Technologies has partnered with PaintOutlet to offer consumers an exclusive £100 seasonal discount for a limited time to break the false economy created by large manufacturers. 

Paint Outlet is currently giving a 100% money-back guarantee on its products. Those who choose to buy the products from the official website online can make use of code in order to avail £20 off on their first purchase. 

Make sure to shop at www.paintoutlet.co.Uk 


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