How many coats of primer and paint should I apply?

August 12, 2021
How many coats of primer and paint should I apply? -
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You can assume that one coat of primer is usually sufficient. However, the better you apply your primer, the less topcoat you will need to topcoat to get good coverage.

With a fixing primer, you may need two topcoats, as these primers are colourless.

When you apply a good base coat with an insulating primer, a single coat of cover will generally suffice, provided that you have prepared your substrate correctly at the start of the work.

Not sure what kind of primer you need? Find out more in your coloura store or read our blog post about this type of product.

A Golden Tip

Sometimes you want to save money by applying a certain amount of primer over twice the planned area. It is therefore logical that, in this case, the effect of the primer is only half satisfactory. Follow the advice of the coloura coach or the instructions for use on the products to the letter! This will ensure you are using the correct amount of primer.


For exterior and interior painting work, you benefit from the Boss Paints 1 + 1 guarantee, i.e. 1 base coat + 1 top coat for an excellent result.

Dry? Really?

Just because the primer feels dry to the touch doesn't mean it actually is structurally dry. If you start to apply the top coat too quickly, you will feel the basecoat under the roller providing resistance. What's going on? The primer swells, and it becomes more and more difficult to apply the paint, resulting in stains and wear marks. This is why you must always pay attention to the drying times mentioned on the products!

You have now learned how many coats of primer to apply on your wall. You know the important role played by the primer as a link in the chain of the painting job, and the guarantee that it brings you in the long term at the level of the final result.


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