how to paint and protect schools from damp, bacteria and mould and a decreased maintenance cost?

December 10, 2021
how to paint and protect schools  from damp, bacteria and mould  and a decreased maintenance cost? -
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Did you know that around 2.5 million people are potentially affected by exposure to dampness in buildings in England alone? 

The presence of mould in school rooms and buildings is hazardous to students and employees. If you do not hire a professional to remove the moulds and bacteria, you risk endangering people's health and safety, as well as violating your building's health and safety laws and increasing maintenance costs.

There are multiple reasons for the generation of moulds, bacteria, and dampness in school buildings. The most obvious reason for these problems is moisture and water penetration into the floors and walls. 

When moisture and water penetrate into the floor and wall surfaces, it creates spongy spores and dark spots which are highly harmful to health. It could instigate asthma and cause lung problems and allergies. It is a legal and health risk to be in a room where mould is growing if you are constantly exposed to these issues. 

Water penetration can also increase the amount of heat lost in a room, requiring more energy to heat and maintain a consistent room temperature.

Painting is the only protection for your walls, so you must ensure that the paint you use is a coating that will protect your walls from deteriorating factors. To execute, eliminate and decrease these issues, not every solution will be as successful as it should be. This is where Thermilate technologies have worked to develop a patent-protected, appropriate solution to eliminate and reduce the severity of these issues. The InsOpaint Interior Emulsion Paint was created using nanotechnology  and scientifically tested and proven by their research and development department to reduce heat loss, repel water and stop the growth of mould. 

 Unlike other paints, this paint will last longer and will prevent you from having to paint your surfaces over and over again.

When you apply one or two coats of this paint, it will eliminate and provide protection against moulds, disintegration of the walls, bacterial contamination, fungi and prevent heat loss.

By improving the resistance to water and moisture penetration, the overall age of the walls and building structure is likely to be extended significantly without providing additional health risks.

In addition, this paint offers multiple benefits for your walls, including improved thermal insulation, which would improve the building's age, room comfortability, and resistance to moisture and bacterial buildup, which will help to maintain a moderate temperature in the numerous classrooms throughout multiple floors.

One of the goals of Thermilates is to contribute to an eco-friendly environment. This paint is designed with thick layers to assist insulate and prevent heat loss from interior spaces in cold conditions like winter, reducing the need for energy to keep the area at a comfortable temperature.

Additonally, Thermilate coatings are also formulated with thermal barriers in paints in order to assist and deflect too much heat from entering the structure in the summer, keeping the temperature in the room pleasant in all climates and reducing the risk of overheating, alternatively in colder external climates, the thermal barriers would help prevent heat loss by reflecting heat back into the room rather than escape to the outer environment. As a result, this paint helps and assists reducing the amount of energy and power needed to heat rooms in colder climates and cool in warm climates. Because of this, you'll be able to both save money on energy and reduce your carbon footprint. So if you’re looking for a highly effective yet budget friendly solution to these problems, there’s nothing better than going for our InsOpaint Interior Emulsion Paint.

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