how this floor primer could help you eliminate dampness and mold?

December 10, 2021
how this floor primer could help you eliminate dampness and mold? -
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70% of schools are experiencing serious moisture, condensation, and mould growth issues.

Any problem can become worse if the likely outcome is not taken seriously. There are many washrooms, classrooms, and a sophisticated water system in school buildings. Aside from the harsh exterior environment, poor ventilation, increased humidity, and water supply leakage could pose greater health risks and accelerate the ageing of the school building.

According to the World Health Organization (W.H.O), in Europe, there is about 10-50% indoor environment where people are living with hazardous damp and mould problems. W.H.O has also investigated the health issues related to mould growth, condensation, humidity, and damp and they came up with the information that mould can cause allergic reactions, asthma, and respiratory illnesses for some people. 

Water and moisture interact with walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs, which causes the problem. This is where Thermilate stands apart by offering paint technology that insulates your interior surfaces from external air and internal moisture. Its formulated to stop your surfaces being degraded and protect against growth of fungi, bacterial contamination, mould growth, and condensation.

After having identified and eliminated the source of moisture from the ceiling and walls, Using Thermilates InsOpaint Anti Condensation Paint will not only prevent water resistance but also help prevent healtloss.

Thermilate has been using cutting-edge technology to propose and invent new and impactful solutions that actually work to solve these problems effectively and completely.

Their research and development department has used nanotechnology to manufacture Paints and Floor Primers to eliminate moisture seepage and prevent the loss of heat from the interior. Considering that floors lose 15% of heat, Thermilate Insofloor primer has also been developed and is designed to ensure that moisture will not be able to seep into your flooring and prevent the growth of mould or condensation and reflect heat back up into the room. 

Its results could go beyond the expectations of your clients. In addition, this water-based paint has also been scientifically tested and proven.

Alternatively, you can protect the floors and walls of school buildings from the negative effects of moisture and water by applying one or two coats of Insopaint Anti-condensation paint as well as applying your floor primer. Increasing thermal insulation could result in reduced heat loss in winter, since the thermal barrier would assist in reflecting the heat back into the room instead of allowing it to escape into the outside environment, thereby reducing the energy required for heaters. Alternatively, in the summer, thermilate technology protects against excessive heat entering the building, allowing you to keep your rooms at consistent temperatures in hotter climates or countries while reducing the use of electrical cooling appliances.

Through these two solutions, you could provide full-fledged protection against extreme weather, penetrating damp, and increased humidity. The main outcome when renovation is to renew and increase the lifespan of school buildings and decrease their  risks of deterioration and disintegration. 

Students and staff will not only benefit from the increased surface breathability and a safer eco-friendly environment, but these factors are also essential for their proper growth and development. 

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