How could you protect the shipping containers from the harmful impacts of moisture and extreme weather and climate changes in the environment when transporting, protecting, and storing goods? -
Container protection in a massive shipment is not as basic as it may appear. Moisture and water are extremely damaging to structures, residential flats, and metal surfaces, and shipping containers are no exception. Even with shipping containers, the danger is greater since they may contain valuable products and machinery that might become a moisture target. What, on the other hand, could make matters worse for the cargo within the shipping containers?

The cargo could travel between different areas with different temperature zones and humidity levels. For example, a ship coming from Hong Kong could have a high humid level and high temperature, and entering a low-temperature zone with low humidity such as Scandinavia could pose threats to the integrity of the shipping container surfaces. In other cases, shipping container temperature can often reach 60°C, as the metal walls heat up when exposed to direct sunlight.

The environmental element has a significant impact on the protection of shipping containers and the items stored inside them. Moisture is also a significant issue. As you may have noticed, in the blazing heat of summer, the condensation process is aided by water droplets on the can of fizzy beverages. When a cargo fleet travels from a low-temperature zone to a high-temperature zone, this process, if it occurs with a frozen water bottle, can pose a serious threat to the shipping container and the items inside it. The shipping container could crumble, corrode, and rust as a result of these periodic variations in temperature and moisture. If you can't solve this difficulty, it could threaten the items within the container, making the case more difficult to solve.

But you could tackle all these problems through a single viable solution. The TRADE – Warmtouch Paint is a scientifically proven paint that has scientifically proven efficiency to diffuse the harmful impact of moisture and water on the container surface. It is a perfect remedy to save the shipping container from the disastrous environment and changing environment. 

One or two coats of this paint could resist moisture and water penetration, increase the thermal insulation of the container, and increase the lifespan of the shipping container against the terrible impacts of water, changing weather, and moisture. Thermilate coatings would help moderate the surface tempreture by not resisting freezing and boiling points additonally The coat of this paint could not allow external temperatures to enter into the container and also restricted the heat escape from inside the shipping container, making a perfect internal environment as it also confirms with the Health and Safety Bulding Regulations 2000 law. 

So if you are worried about your cargos getting damaged due to high fluctuations of temperature, then the TRADE- Warmtouch Paint can help you maintain the lifespan of the shipping container.