how to paint and protect exterior masonry bricks from penetration of water and moisture?

December 10, 2021
how to paint and protect exterior masonry bricks from penetration of water and moisture? -
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According to a survey around 16 million people in the United Kingdom get affected by the issue of dampness in buildings. Protection from the extremes is essential for a comfortable and secure living environment in any home or commercial structure. Because moisture and water penetration into bricks, plaster walls, concrete, stones, and pebble-dash can lead to mould growth, dampness, fungi, and a loss of thermal insulation. 

These issues may accelerate the ageing of structures, greatly increasing the expense of maintenance. The property may violate legal health rules and pose a health risk to tenants or employees, especially if it is a business property. As a result, adopting preventative and proactive measures to address these issues could help your clients feel confident in the space theyre working or living in of your business. However, because these aren't conventional issues, the approach you choose could either alleviate or exacerbate the problem. 

Technology is evolving, and that evolution has allowed Thermilate technologies to invent and discover a long-term, durable, and effective solution for your exterior surfaces. Knowing that paint is usually the only coating thats protecting your walls, Thermilates research and development department has used nanotechnology to manufacture the InsOpaint Exterior Masonry. This water-based paint is scientifically tested and proven to insulate and protect your exterior surfaces.

It is designed to be significantly resistant to moisture and water penetration, eliminate the growth of mould, condensation, fungi, and remove unsanitary health problems for a period of ten years. This paint's patent protected amazing technology will also help to improve the thermal insulation of homes and apartment complexes. This function of this paint helps reduce energy consumption by preventing and reflecting too much heat from entering the building in the summer and preventing heat loss from escaping from inside buildings in colder climates such as winter by reflecting heat back into the room rather than letting heat escape to the outer environment. Reducing the number of electrical appliances and energy required to cool or heat rooms in various climates and keeping rooms at comfortable temperatures.

When the only layer protecting your walls is paint, This innovative formulation will not only colour your walls but can increase breathability and eco-friendliness of the environment while still maintaining a full moisture protected barrier. The long-term protection of bricks, pebble-dashes, concrete, and exterior walls from extreme weather could decrease the cost of maintenance and the ageing of the building. If you are looking for protecting the exterior of your building, then look no further as the InsOpaint Exterior Masonry will help you get rid of all the moisture related problems and keep your surface breathable.  

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