how to paint and protect exterior walls from Rain causes water infiltrations. Singular solution to this problem?

December 10, 2021
how to paint and protect exterior walls from Rain causes water infiltrations. Singular solution to this problem? -
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Cracking of the exterior walls is only the beginning of the sequence of building problems caused by rain and moisture penetration. A high humidity over 60% can encourage mould and mildew to grow and damage the wallpaper, paintwork and brickwork. The exterior of the walls should act as a protection against rainy weather and the extremely hot UV rays of the sun. 

However, using low-quality paint could damage the building's structural integrity by not properly protecting your surfaces which enable dampness, heat rays, and water to infiltrate into the walls. This could aggravate issues on both the interior and exterior of the building.

In addition to that, when moisture penetrates the exterior walls, it can affect their interior and could cause many problems inside the building such as mould generation, condensation, rough surfaces of the wall, discoloration, and cracking of paint. Even seepage of water and moisture into the walls could increase the amount of heat loss to escape from the room, to the outer environment and decrease the thermal insulation of the overall building, which could consistently increase the carbon footprint and usage of energy to heat to maintain a comfortable room temperature with electrical appliances such as heaters or central heating.

Living inside a house with these problems is unbearable for anyone. If you are offering decorating services, you would want to increase the value of your services and customer satisfaction by offering a solid solution. But the main question is, how can this be achieved?

In this case, you should choose a durable and impact-resistant material as your barrier in order to keep out extreme weather conditions and moisture penetration. This will allow you to avoid these future issues. Thermilate technologies have used their research and development department to manufacture their PRO Exterior wall coating. Several scientific studies have proven this product's insulating effectiveness.

The outside walls might generate an unbelievable resistance to moisture and water penetration in any weather by applying one or two coats of this paint, providing them full protection. It may also help to reduce or eliminate the growth of mould, moisture, and dampness. Not only may it extend the building's lifespan, but it could also make it more environmentally friendly by boosting the building's thermal insulation.

In hot climates, such as during summer, Thermilates thermal barriers help maintain room temperatures by reflecting and preventing the effects of UV light and heat rays that overheat buildings' interiors  in warm climates. This allows the building to maintain more stable temperature levels, while reducing the energy use of air conditioners. Moreover, this gives 100% acrylic waterproofing smooth finish wall coating and comes with a guarantee of 15 years. Alternativly, In winter, thermilates thermal barrier will help reflect heat back into the room, rather than escape to the outer environment.  Increased thermal insulation would result in a reduction of heat loss, thereby reducing the amount of energy needed for heaters. This will help decrease the cost of energy and contribute to a lower carbon footprint. 

Additionally, Thermailate also offers emulsion paint that helps insulate interior rooms using thermal barriers. These barriers reflect back heat energy to the room that would otherwise be lost to the outside, thereby reducing heat loss through normal paint coatings.

Through Thermilate technologies, you could increase the lifespan of the buildings and decrease the maintenance cost. Besides the above uncountable benefits, PRO exterior wall coating could increase breathability and help optimize energy, enabling a healthy and eco-friendly environment for residents. So, if you’re looking for a long-term solution to a damaged exterior of your house, this product will surely be your good companion. 

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