how to paint and protect metal fences and handrails from could corrosion for the long-term duration?

December 10, 2021
how to paint and protect metal fences and handrails  from could corrosion for the long-term duration? -
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Did you know that 60% of steel surfaces used in buildings in UK are prone to rust problems?

Moisture, water, and heat are all dangers for handrails and metal fences. Given the fact that moisture and water cannot enter metal surfaces, they can create a chemical process called corrosion, which causes the metal surface to erode, decay, and rust.

Metal surfaces that are not protected from moisture deteriorators will eventually corrode and rust, making certain metal handrails and surfaces extremely difficult to grip. Rusty handrails on apparatus such as external stairs or steps can cause health and safety risks due to their low grip, which can be dangerous.

Aside from this drawback, climatic factors can also negatively impact the usage of metal surfaces, as metal surfaces are known to get extremely cold in the winter and excessively hot in the summer, making it difficult to grab and touch metal structures such as railings, benches, and gates.

Rusting and corrosion can cause water seepage issues in exterior metal structures like sheds, cladding, and metal roofing sheets, alongside a lot of new issues in the interior infrastructure, including mould growth, bacteria, contamination, and condensation issues. These issues can speed the ageing of the overall structure and cause metal surfaces to rust more quickly. Failure to deliver a quick solution could worsen a solvable problem. No matter what circumstances you're in, how can you overcome these challenges?

For years, Thermilate technology has strived to provide a proper solution. TRADE – Warmtouch Paint was created using nanotechnology by their research and development department. This product has undergone scientific testing, proving that it is effective.

The metal surfaces of handrails and fences could be coated with one or two layers of this paint to form an airtight seal against moisture and water, preventing moisture from interacting with the metal surface. This paint has been carefully developed to ensure improved thermal insulation of metal surfaces, ensuring the surface temperature stays touchable and protected in both hot and cold conditions.

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