how to paint and protect metal gates and industrial stairways. What’s the best solution to protect your metal gates and fences?

December 10, 2021
how to paint and protect metal gates and industrial stairways. What’s the best solution to protect your metal gates and fences? -
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Your metal surfaces may appear to be in fine condition, but moisture or weather can cause them to corrode. Talking about the UK, approximately 55% of industrial sites have rusted metal apparatus which can cause a lot if not being paid attention to. All metal furniture and apparitors, such as metal gates and industrial metal stairways, are very sensitive to the interaction of moisture, heat, and water with the metal surface.

Metal surfaces, such as handrails, can be prone to freeze in the winter and become extremely hot in the summer due to high temperatures. During such extreme temperatures, metal surfaces are difficult to grip and even touch.

Investing for the long term ensures that your projects and clients will not be troubled by maintenance difficulties. However, if metal surfaces, such as industrial stairways and metal gates, are exposed to the adverse effects of damp and water, maintenance costs can rise. The situation will only get worse unless you discover a good solution.

How would you go about providing long-term protection against heat, moisture and water's alarming impacts on metal surfaces? For years, Thermilate Technologies has worked to develop an effective solution. TRADE – Warmtouch Paint was created using nanotechnology by their research and development department. This product has undergone scientific testing and has proven to be effective and is confirmed with the Health and Safety Building Regulations 2000 law.

When you apply this paint to your metal surfaces, it creates a protective layer that helps your metal fight heat absorption and becoming too hot to touch in the summer. In the winter, on the other hand, your metal surface will resist freezing temperature points as well, making it more comfortable and durable to touch in all climates.

Moisture and water-related rust and damage can be prevented with one or two applications of this paint. You'll maintain the colour, structural integrity, and high resistance to heat, moisture, and water this way. Your clients will no longer have to be concerned about the quality of a metal surface degrading over time.

Aside from these incredible benefits, you can use this paint to preserve the thermal insulation of metal surfaces, preventing any heat loss or gain and maintaining the quality of the material and offer a better alternative to your projects or clients.

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