How to paint and protect the metal and wood surfaces and furniture in the garden from rust, moisture and roughness?

December 10, 2021
How to paint and protect the metal and wood surfaces and furniture in the garden from rust, moisture and roughness? -
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Water and moisture are destructive factors for wooden furniture and metal buildings in whichever shape they may appear. Your clients place a high value on the design and decoration of their garden furniture, and any damage to it could result in additional upkeep or even damage. As a result, a suitable and effective solution to the water, moisture, and weather problem is required.

Reviewing levels of dampness in European countries with climates similar to that of the UK, the World Health Organization estimated the number of homes with dampness at 10 – 25%. This would mean between 2.7million and 6.75 million homes out of a total of 27 million dwellings in the UK, or between approximately 6.6 million and 16.5 million people, are potentially affected by dampness in their homes.

Garden wooden furniture, such as gazebos, chairs, and tables, may become a source of moulds, musky odours, cracks, decay, and degradation as they are exposed to the sun's UV rays and wet harsh weather. On the other hand, when you have metal surfaces of furniture, metal can become rusty, rough, and discolored as a result of its interaction with moisture and water. The gradual deterioration of wooden and metal surfaces could create a dreadful image of the yard, increasing maintenance costs and posing health risks to your clients. So, how would you approach these issues with your clients?

If you could protect the outer surface of the wood and metal from moisture and water, then the problems could disappear quickly. But how could you create such a thin robust layer between the wood and metal surface and the moisture and water?

You could use the Warmtouch Paint to create such a durable, protective and robust layer on metal surfaces. This is scientifically proven and has great outcomes to eliminate the moisture and water impact on the metal surfaces. Through this water-based acrylic paint, you could solve these problems and preserve the beauty and elegance of the garden preserved for your clients for a very long time without any trouble. 

This paint has the potential to protect metal surfaces against the damaging effects of water, moisture, and UV radiation. Additionally, Warmtouch prevents metal surfaces from reaching a boiling point in warm climates, preventing the metal from being difficult to touch. Alternatively, it protects metal surfaces from ice-cold temperatures in the winter, allowing them to remain touchable regardless of the environment's temperature. Warmtouch Paint could provide the metal a longer life without any roughness and total freshness by preserving it from these elements.

To protect the wooden furniture from water and moisture, you could use HQC wood paint. This paint is formulated to protect wooden furniture from water ingress, cracks, rot, and discoloration. The perfect remedy to eliminate musky odours from wood and repel water. Through the use of these two paints, you could solve all water and moisture problems of your garden furniture and decor, whether it is metal furniture or wooden. 

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