How to paint and protect walls from peeling paint and blistering caused by moisture and water?

December 10, 2021
How to paint and protect walls from peeling paint and blistering caused by moisture and water? -
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The structural integrity of your building could seem right until the penetration of moisture and water seeps into the ceilings and walls. Low quality paint would fail to resist the penetration of moisture and water and could cause blistering and peeling paint, which could not only further deteriorate the walls and ceilings but keep having you re-purchase and repaint again and again. 

The concerns would not be limited to paint peeling and blistering, but might also include mould growth, condensation, moisture, and a reduction in thermal insulation. According to a study conducted, any kind of water damage can facilitate the growth of mould in as soon as 24-48 hours. Because of mould production and a less eco-friendly environment, such a transformation of problems will exacerbate health issues.

However, what would happen if you disregarded such precautions? If preventative steps are not implemented, the entire building may age and disintegrate more quickly. We often neglect the fact that we need to use a protective paint that will enhance protection against moisture when paint is the only coating that protects your surfaces. Unlike retail brands that are sold only to colour your walls, Thermilate technologies have strived for years to invent a solid solution to not only colour your walls but to insulate and provide solid protection to your surfaces against lack of insulation, moisture and heat damage problems. 

Thermilate have used nanotechnology to manufacture the InsOpaint Interior Emulsion Paint. The paint has been scientifically proven to prevent moisture from entering within surfaces yet keep your walls fresh and breathable. 

One or two coats of this paint will help to make your wall ultimately waterproof and eliminate paint peeling, blistering and mould growth. Thermal insulation of a building can be significantly improved by improving its resistance to moisture and water infiltration damage, which would normally result in more heat loss. 

Above all, this paint consists of a patent protected thermal technology that has been independently tested across the world to UK, EU and ASTM standards that proves this paint further insulates and protects your wall. This paint has thermal barriers which helps reflect heat back into the room rather than allowing it to escape to the outside environment, while in hotter environments there is a further benefit of preventing excess heat from entering your interior rooms from the outdoors which would normally make your rooms too hot or over heat.

In turn, the cost of energy could be lowered since less heat is lost to the outdoors during the winter and more heat is retained indoors during the summer. As a result of thermal barriers, room temperatures can be kept stable and a greater degree of comfort can be maintained with less energy usage for cooling and heating applications. To conclude, this paint is built to offer longevity protection, assisting in reducing maintenance costs and contributing to a safer, more hygienic and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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