How to paint and protect wooden Deckings from the harmful impacts of rain, moisture, noise, and wind?

December 10, 2021
How to paint and protect wooden Deckings from the harmful impacts of rain, moisture, noise, and wind? -
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Exterior hardwood surfaces should not only give a project's exterior an attractive visual appearance, but also provide protection from adverse weather, moisture, and water. However, due to the lower quality of the surface material, wood surfaces such as cladding, decking, and gates can become sensitive to the harsh outdoor environment causing moisture and water penetration.

If left untreated, wooden surfaces can produce a musty odour, crack, bulging, and staining, among other issues. When these factors are combined, the exterior of the surface may appear to be unattractive.

Wooden surfaces, in particular, could be sensitive to the growth of mould, moisture, and a loss of insulation. Wood can Start to Rot in 1-3 Years. This problem can raise the expense of maintenance and accelerate the ageing of the entire structure. What solution can you provide your clients or projects to remove or minimize these issues?

HQC Paints has spent a significant amount of time and effort researching and inventing a reliable and effective solution to these problems. Using cutting-edge technology, HQC's research and development department created this garden paint, ensuring it has been scientifically tested and is proven to insulate your surface and be effective in repelling moisture. HQC Paints has recognized that paint is usually the only coating protecting your surface, so they have worked hard to develop coatings that are both insulating and protective.

Thicker coatings increase the insulation of wooden surfaces or interior building projects, and one or two coats of this paint on the surface of wood can protect it from water ingress and moisture penetration, mould appearance, and condensation growth, ensuring durable and well protected surfaces.

A long-lasting and moisture-resistant wood coating can help you save money on maintenance by extending the life of the coating, wooden decor and other garden structures. Buildings with a better breathable, environmentally friendly environment can reduce their carbon footprints by selecting a lasting coating for their garden.

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