How to paint and remove the blistering and peeling paint in the apartment?

December 10, 2021
How to paint and remove the blistering and peeling paint in the apartment? -
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    The Health and Safety Executive recommends that relative humidity indoors should be maintained at 40-70%. But what really happens when it exceeds this limit? Yes, as you might guess, moisture can cause the walls to deteriorate. It is vital for the integrity of homes, buildings, and residential accommodations that moisture and water do not enter their walls, causing problems such as mould growth, blistering, peeling, and condensation. 

    It's possible that the problems won't stay at a set level, but may instead develop exponentially, putting inhabitants' health at risk. Especially in buildings as there are various floors, rooms, and people who need to live in a healthy environment. In this situation, the emergence of moulds could pose a serious threat to their health. More importantly, if water infiltration, peeling, and mould growth are not addressed, these issues may become more difficult to resolve and demand more effort.

    Then what really can be done to decrease and eliminate this issue? Even if someone invests significant amounts of money into their living space, living within a building with mould growth can be a health and safety hazard that almost 70% of houses face. The true reason for blistering is that when heat and moisture have an adverse effect on the paint, it lifts from the wall's surface, allowing the heat and moisture to enter the walls. This is where the problems for the buildings and their inhabitants begin.

    A product that is trustworthy, can provide a long-term solution to these increasingly frustrating problems, and can also decrease maintenance costs. Thermilate technologies has formulated products that could fit into this frame perfectly. With nanotechnology, they have developed PRO - Exterior Wall Coating (S-Flex) that is capable of tackling these challenges. This product has been scientifically tested and has great results.

    Through one or two coats of this paint, the walls could show an incredible resistance against moisture, heat gain damage, reduce and eliminate moulds, condensation, fungi, and bacteria, and increase the thermal insulation of the apartments.  

    With a smooth, acrylic waterproofing finish, these coatings thermal barriers would assist in preventing too many intense external heat waves from entering the buildings in order to maintain a comfortable, stable atmosphere inside. Alternatively, in the winter the insulating thermal barrier  will aid in the reduction of heat loss through the walls and reflect heat back into the home rather than allow heat to escape to the exterior environment. Heaters and air conditioners will not have to work as hard to cool or heat the space, resulting in less energy consumption.

    With this paint, not only can you decrease maintenance costs and increase resistance against ageing, but you can also offer a service or product that no other trade can match. Nothing can be a better reason to choose Thermilate than its progress in providing patent-protected, scientifically proven, solution-oriented products. All coatings are made to insulate and protect from all types of moisture and heat gain damage yet highly breathable walls and an eco-friendly environment through almost all of their products along with a guarantee. When paint is the onl  barrier commonly protecting your surface, it is important to us that you choose a coating that not only colours but protects your home.

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