How to prime and protect your floor from moisture and water penetration?

December 10, 2021
How to prime and protect your floor from moisture and water penetration? -
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    All floors are vulnerable to moisture and water penetration. The current estimates for the number of houses affected by moisture range from 4% to over 25%. Because of their low resistance to moisture and extreme weather, floors are frequently subjected to water infiltration. This results in water penetration, that in turn causes roughness on the floor surfaces, deterioration, heat loss, and ageing. 

    This issue has the potential to develop into other, more serious issues. Moisture penetration into buildings may result in a less healthy building environment. This may increase the risk of mould and stains, and necessitate more energy to compensate for heat loss through the floor and maintain an acceptable building temperature.

    Now that we know that moisture can be so damaging to the floor, the major question arises that what solutions could you provide to increase the resistance against moisture and water penetration into the floor and how could you ensure the sustainability of a healthy environment. This is a choice that could increase the structural integrity of the buildings and if you make the wrong choice, then the problems could become a permanent pain for the residents. 

    To address these issues, Thermilate technologies have developed scientifically proven solutions. InsOfloor Floor Primer was created by InsOfloor's research and development department using nanotechnology, further tested through scientific methodologies, and has proven signficantly effective against moisture damage and heat loss. 

    The InsOfloor primer will provide your floor long-term durability by applying one or two coats of InsOfloor primer to protect it from the damaging effects of moisture and water penetration. It not only protects the surface but provides 12m2 of coverage to your floors. You can use this primer to reduce and eliminate water and moisture penetration, boost mould resistance, and remove stains from the floors, giving them a lasting fresh appearance.

    Increased breathability will contribute to a more environmentally friendly atmosphere. A coat of insopaint floor primer will improve the thermal insulation of the structures by reflecting warm air back into the rooms and preventing heat from escaping. This will not only reduce heat loss in cold climates, but also prevent excessive humid heat entry from the outside environment in warmer climates, which will also help reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain a steady temperature and better moderate temperature inside the structures.

    Thermilate strives to deliver Improved durability to lower the cost of consistent maintenance from regular moisture or heat damage. The diverse usage of the Thermilate technologies enables the floor primer to be applied under laminate, carpets, and wooden floors and tiles. If your floor surfaces are getting damaged from excess moisture, InsOfloor floor primer is what will solve all these problems.

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