Myths about Insulation paint. Does it really work

August 12, 2021
Myths about Insulation paint. Does it really work -
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The Insulation Pain, new paint technology within everyone's reach!

There are so many myths about if Insulation paint really works and what are their advantages… In this video we wanted to collect a lot of those doubts about thermal paints that wander in the minds of many users to give them an answer.

You don’t need to be a special Paint worker to improve your house with painting, you’ll just need knowledge, the best painting brands and the desire to make your home better every day. -Definitely this is for DIY and housework lovers- 

Insulation paint is great, with the thicknesses you choose to work with,will determine the thermal result in terms of comfort and energy saving is reduced. 

However, the main characteristic of this new technology is, as we have advanced, the reduction of heat accumulation on surfaces.

Besides, it has many other facts that you might want to know

Some say that Insulation painting is made up of ceramic components that have been developed using "nanotechnology". Others say that thermal painting is the result of research in modern aerospace laboratories, but actually when we talk about the insulation of a house, technically we are talking about the thermal transmittance of its walls, or what is the same, how much energy they allow to escape. The higher the transmittance values, the greater the heat loss. 

On the other hand, solar protection technology has the potential to make buildings more efficient and sustainable by reducing solar reflectance, thus optimising building systems and reducing their impact on the environment. 

By applying 2-3 coats of this thermal paint we achieve an impressive thermal insulation for life (we can also paint over it without it losing its properties) we have a great impression of it! 

If you have a hot attic and you want it to cool down, by all means, you can install a radiant barrier under beams and it will help you. If you want to insulate a concrete slab, a radiant barrier will not help.

In conclusion, thermal insulation paint get a really bad name in the market due many fake products and false advertising by companies who try make a "quick buck", where in reality many insulating brands have not tested or proven their products product before selling them. the only genuine brand on the market of insulation paint thats been scientifically tested and proven in top laboratories around the world for over 28 years is a brand calles "Thermilate technologies".  which paints and coating they have produced have used by top luxury hotels around the world, helping decrease energy bills, increase thermal comfort, protect surfaces against deterioration and mould and condensation issues.

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