Advantages and disadvantages of super matt paint

August 12, 2021
Advantages and disadvantages of super matt paint -
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You know that when we talk about finishing in the paintings, we are referring to the brightness that will look at the painted surface once the material has dried. 

In other words, you can see how shiny and beautiful they are, but matt paint also has its own beauty!

No doubt, the matt paint is the most popular to paint the walls, and this has its reasons. But also opaque paints are commonly used on furniture and other surfaces. Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of using matte paints.

Matte finish paints also have their reservations when applied to different types of surfaces. The use of matte paints hide better the defects of the surface, but are less washable than gloss paints, so one of the recommendations is that only the bathroom and kitchen have a glossy finish, while the rest of the house give a matte finish; this in order not to shine the whole room.

Matte painted door

The matte or opaque paints hide the small imperfections that the walls may have. It is very common to use them in interiors and exteriors.

On the walls, it gives a simple and opaque appearance, which gives prominence to other decorative elements.

If applied with traditional tools, it hides brushstroke marks and roller texture, achieving a smooth surface without visible scratches or marks.

Disadvantages of the matte finish

With white matte paint, the glossy finish is the least susceptible to stains, the particles hardly adhere to the surface, but it is not a common option for painting the walls. On the other hand, the satin is the balance between brightness and delicacy, staying clean in a simple way.

Unlike the previous finishes... the matte is easily stained by rubbing, which is very common to warn in places with high traffic or where children live. It is an inconvenience that is solved by using washable paints; that although the stains are easily caught, they can also be easily removed with a cloth, water, and soap.

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