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May 01, 2024
Closing Deals -
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Knowledge and experience makes you Expert in closing deals

In the painting and decorating industry, closing deals and securing payments from clients is critical to the success of your business. After you start getting clients, you must be able to understand what type of customer you're dealing with and how you can cater to them as much as possible. To do this, you must have a plan or a set of strategies you can apply to different customers. In this blog, we will explore strategies and practical tips that tradesmen can use to close deals faster and secure payments.

  1. Now or Never Closes

This strategy involves creating a sense of urgency in the customer by offering special benefits that are only available for a limited time. For example, you could offer a 20% discount for customers who close the deal within the week, increase your prices before a specific date, or mention that you are talking with other prospects and that if they close the deal now, you can ensure that you complete their work before moving on to the next one.

  1. Summary of Closes

This strategy involves reiterating the services you are offering and stressing the value and benefits to the customer. By summarising your services, you can help the customer understand the value of your services and close the deal faster. For example, you could mention that you use quality colours and renovation materials from top brands and that the work you will do will last for up to 5-10 years. Additionally, you could offer a 20% discount on paint costs if the customer buys using your referral code.

  1. Anchoring

Present a high-priced option first, and then present your service as a more affordable option. this should not be used to lure or manipulate your customer it should be to express the true value of your service and what price you can personalise you them appear more reasonable to their budget.

  1. Framing

Present the price of your service in a way that emphasises its value, rather than its cost. For example, instead of saying "this costs £100," you could say "this is an investment of £100 that will bring you X, Y, Z benefits." This both gives the customer more sense and clarity of where your prices come from and shows your knowledge and confidence in your plan of action for their project.

  1. Offer Flexible Payment Options

By using a payment platform like Karlana, tradesmen can offer their clients flexible payment options, such as instalment plans and payment schedules.

  1. Showcase Quality Materials + Guarantee Work Longevity

Always highlight the use of quality colours and renovation materials from top brands to demonstrate the value of your services while emphasising that the work will last for a certain number of years, giving the client peace of mind and confidence in your services.

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