Don't Feel Superior

May 01, 2024
Don't Feel Superior -
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As a tradesman, it's natural to feel confident and knowledgeable about your craft. However, it's essential to remember that your role is to collaborate with customers, not impose your ideas. In this blog, we'll explore why avoiding a superior attitude is crucial and how to approach your work more collaboratively.

Why Avoiding a Superior Attitude is Essential

While confidence in your abilities is commendable, it's vital not to overlook your customers' preferences and decisions. Many customers may lack expertise in decorating, so it's essential to be mindful of their needs and level of understanding. By doing so, you can better serve their requirements and foster strong relationships.

When You Should Avoid Feeling Superior

Expressing knowledge to help customers is valuable, but it's crucial to avoid overwhelming them. Authoritarian language or dismissing their ideas can alienate customers and jeopardize project success. Additionally, consider that some customers may feel shy expressing their ideas to a professional, so creating a comfortable environment is essential.

How to Approach Your Work Collaboratively

To build better relationships with customers, approach your work collaboratively:

Listen to Your Customers

Take their opinions and visions into account, ensuring the final result aligns with their preferences.

Offer Objectivity

Provide objective information about materials and techniques, allowing customers to make informed decisions.

Show Interest in Their Vision

Demonstrate enthusiasm for their project and express interest in their inspiration.



    Balancing your experience with customer collaboration is key to maintaining strong relationships. By avoiding a superior attitude and embracing collaboration, you can ensure project success and cultivate a positive professional reputation.

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